USKF Contact Information


USKFI National Executive Committee


Michael Sherlock 6th dan Chairman Email:

David Royle
6th dan

Vice-Chairman and Finance Officer Email:

Jennifer      Prendergast
5th Dan

Administrations Officer/Secretary

Tel: 0871124220


Correspondence to: USKFI
Ballinteskin Lodge,


Co Wicklow,


Jim Bartley
4th Dan

Licencing and Affiliations Officer Email:

Bernard Gaffney
4th Dan

Events Officer Email:


All correspondence to the Executive Committee should be made in writing (email or letter) via the Administrations Officer only. The Committee welcomes any feedback, comments or concerns any of its members may have.


National Children’s Officer: Jennifer Prendergast

For all Child Protection related correspondence, please write to: Tel: 0871124220


USKFI, Ballinteskin Lodge, Kilmacanogue, Co Wicklow, Ireland