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Sensei Jim Brennan Course

The USKFI were fortunate to have ex-England international, ESKA Referee and senior KUGB karateka Sensei Jim Brennan 7th dan in Dublin for a course last weekend. Sensei Brennan travelled to the Poppintree Sports Centre for his first karate course on Irish soil and instructed an excellent brown and black belt course for approximately 55 USKFI members, followed by a black belt class.

Sensei Brennan began the class with a series of kicking and punching combinations, with the emphasis on flow as well as accuracy of techniques. Following that he moved on to partner work, with different types of foot movement as the predominant feature and an interesting perspective from a international referee's point of view which students found very informative. To finish, students worked on kata, with the black belts concentrating on the often-underestimated Hangetsu.

After a short break, black belts lined up again for a further one and a half hour class in which Sensei Brennan moved straight to partner work. Again, Sensei emphasised accuracy as well as speed and timing of techniques which were then combined together into a set of increasing intensity. There was an electric atmosphere in the class as students performed the partner work with full speed and power and, again, Sensei provided a unique insight into competition karate with comments and instruction on individuals' performances. To finish, the class worked on kata Niju shio.

The USKFI were delighted with both the turnout for the course, and the feedback it received aftewards. Sensei Brennan provided a very useful and interesting perspective on the techniques and kata he instructed and the USKFI look forward to having him back very soon.


Pictures to go up in the Gallery shortly!

posted @ Tuesday, April 05, 2011 8:24 PM by jenmadden

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