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Sensei Andy Sherry Brown and Black Belt Course

Following a very successful brown and black belt course in February, Sensei Andy Sherry returned last weekend to conduct another brown and black belt course before the first of this year's dan grading.

Sensei concentrated mainly on grading material with the emphasis on speed, timing and precision of techniques, both singly and in combination. There was a terrific atmosphere on the class as the class progressed to performing the various combinations and partner work at full speed and power. The last half-hour of the class was conducted solely for those grading on the day. This allowed Sensei to see the candidates perform in a smaller group, and allowed those grading extra time with Sensei Sherry in order to get a greater understanding of what was expected of them in the grading.

Again, Sensei Sherry conducted a fantastic course and the USKFI look forward to seeing him over again in November.

posted @ Thursday, April 07, 2011 9:17 PM by jenmadden

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