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Orange - Purple Belt Course

Despite the warm weather, a very good turnout of 9th - 4th kyus turned out for the USKFI's latest course. The course, taken by Sensei Michael Sherlock 5th dan, Sensei David Royle 5th dan, Sensei Keith Sherlock 4th dan and Sensei Pat Keegan 4th dan gave the assembled students the chance to be taught in instructors' different styles. Sensei Michael Sherlock concentrated mainly on self-defence techniques while Senseis David Royle and Keith Sherlock worked together on various kicking or geri skills. Sensei Keegan taught his group different freestyle or jiu kumite techniques before the groups moved on to work on various kata for the latter part of the class.

The course, which was free, was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part and the senseis were very impressed by the students' attitudes throughout the course,and their enthusiasm in trying different types of technique.


More photos are available in the Gallery.

posted @ Tuesday, July 05, 2011 10:24 AM by jenmadden

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