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Sensei Frank Brennan Weekend Course

Dan grades, pictured above with Sensei Frank Brennan, after the Sunday morning class

The USKFI hosted a second weekend training course last weekend with the KUGB's Sensei Frank Brennan 7th dan. The weekend was structured with both training courses and kyu gradings. On the Saturday morning, Sensei Brennan took dan grades for the first session of the day where, after some vigorous khion techniques, he moved on to partner work while still emphasising the principles taught earlier. An excellent start to the day. After a short break, the next class also incorporated brown belts and Sensei again worked on different khion techniques with an emphasis on finishing each movement with kimae before beginning the next one. Partner work then began on which the emphasis was distance and timing. The class finished with kata Bassai Dai. The last event of the day was a grading for brown belts. Congratulations to all those who passed.

After a well-deserved night's sleep, a hardy number of black belts arrived for Sunday morning's class. The class began with an dynamic set of khion tsuki combinations, which sorted out any stiff limbs from the previous day. Sensei also worked on mawashi-geri and ushiro geri, breaking them down to correct any bad habits. The partner work comprised mainly of various geri attacks, which were then dealt with by the defender. To finish, Sensei Brennan split the class for kata. Shodans worked on kata Jion, nidans on Jitte and sandans and above studied kata Chinte.

After a break, it was the turn of the 6th - 4th kys to train. This was, for many of them, their first oppostunity to train and grade under Sensei Brennan so he took them primarily through their grading syllabi. As for the seniors, he broke down several individual techniches and got students practising them before putting them back together as a whole. They then worked on partner work and their individual katas. After the class, approximately 50 green and purples belts successfully graded.

Sensei was impressed with the sharpness and positive attitude displayed by students throughout the weekend. Likewise, there was a terrific atmosphere on all the classes, particularly with the seniors where every person felt they'd improved in some aspect over the course of the weekend. The USKFI look forward to welcoming Sensei Brennan back in September.

posted @ Tuesday, July 05, 2011 11:18 AM by jenmadden

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