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Sensei Frank Brennan Brown and Black Belt Course

Following a very successful weekend course and grading hosted by the USKFI in June, Sensei Frank Brennan returned to Dublin last weekend to instruct at two brown and black belt classes. Approximately 70 students trained in both classes, with a third class being held afterwards for those planning on taking a dan grade towards the end of the year.

Sensei began with some intricate block/punch combinations, designed to improve co-ordination, kimae and speed. Afterwards, he moved on to partner work with some tsuki, or punching, combinations with different footwork steps. As always, Sensei Brennan emphasised timing, control and speed in all aspects of the exercise. For the kata section of the class, brown belts worked on Heian Godan while black belts worked on Kanku Dai. This kata is a perfect example of one where, although everyone knew it well, had it taken apart and put back together by Sensei Brennan, therefore finding several movements to go away and work on for next time!

In the second class, Sensei again began with some geri, or kicking, combinations to stretch the legs and get tired muscles moving again. He then had students partner up and work on certain kumite techniques, changing the counters from punches to kicks after students had mastered the blocks and accompanying footwork. He then divided the class for kata: brown belts studied Bassai Dai, 1st dans kata Jion, 2nd dans Jitte while 3rd dans and above worked on Jiin.

The atmosphere in the class was fantastic, particularly when Sensei changed partners around during the kumite. Those taking the third class class afterwards found it invaluable in training for their gradings in November. Sensei Brennan will return to Dublin with Sensei Sherry in November for a course, and dan and kyu gradings. See the events calendar for further details.


Photos to follow!

posted @ Monday, September 05, 2011 10:19 PM by jenmadden

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