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Dan grading successes


Pictured above with Senseis Andy Sherry, Frank Brennan, Michael Sherlock and David Royle are the USKFI's newest third dans, Eleanore Coates and James Farrelly, and new second dan Siobhan Elliott

Sensei Andy Sherry 8th dan corrects a student during the pre-grading class on Saturday

The USKFI had one of its busiest and most successful days this year so far with a series of courses and gradings with KUGB Chief Instructor Sensei Andy Sherry 8th dan and Sensei Frank Brennan 7th dan. The day began with a brown and black belt course instructed by both Senseis which covered various dan grading syllabi. There were a large number of students training on the course and, as always, the Senseis gave excellent instructioon and some useful final corrections for those grading afterwards. The USKFI was delighted with the large number of successful candidates from shodan to sandan following an intense series of gradings.

After the dan grading, the Senseis conducted a course for 6th-2nd kyus before their grading. 97 kyu grades then successfully graded to their next belt and the USKFI was delighted with the attitude and spirit shown by candidates during their gradings.

The USKFI would like to thank all parents for their patience during the day as well as to all the volunteers who helped the day run so smoothly.

posted @ Monday, November 14, 2011 5:59 PM by jenmadden

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