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Brown & Black Belt Course


The USKFI held its second brown and black belt course of 2012 last weekend, which was very well attended by approximately 60 students from clubs throughout the USKFI.
After the warm up, the class was split. To begin, Sensei Sherlock took brown belts and first dans, starting off with tsuki and geri combinations to which he also demonstrated counter blocks and attack for each set. The class practiced at slow and medium paces before building up to full speed and power attack and counter attack partner combinations. Sensei Sherlock then moved on to kata where brown belts worked on Bassai Dai and shodans on kata Empi.
Meanwhile Sensei Royle instructed second dans and above, beginning with kizame zuki, stepping oi zuki, and kurotsuki. After explanations, and emphasis placed on the timing of each movement, Sensei added on four basic blocks and four gyaku tsukis in different directions to build on the basic combination.
It was then time for some partner work. Sensei focused on single kicking, or geri, techniques, making sure each kick was delivered correctly and effectively. The class then moved on to geri combinations with Sensei Royle stressing the importance of continued zanshin throughout the execution of the kicks and subsequent counter attacks, and continuing this right up to the point of yamae which signaled the end of the first class.
After a five minute break, the dan grade course began. Sensei Sherlock took the class though kata Kanku Dai, giving detailed instructions at the end of each kata sequence. Sensei Royle made his way around the group observing and giving feedback and advice to individuals.
Sensei Royle then took charge of the shodans, continuing with Kanku Dai. Sensei Sherlock covered Gankaku with the remaining dan grades, again giving direction and focus on attitude and suggesting some bunkai techniques as counter block or attacks to particular kata sequences. The class then practiced the kata in small groups before regrouping to perform it for a final couple of times with full speed and power.
Both Senseis were delighted at the great turnout for the second brown and black course of the year and the feedback received from participants was that of a great atmosphere and that the remainder of any Christmas cobwebs had been blown firmly away! The next opportunity for brown and black belts to train together again will be under Sensei Andy Sherry on February 18th. See the calendar for details.
Check out Photo Gallery for more photos from the day.....

posted @ Wednesday, February 15, 2012 9:08 PM by David Royle

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