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Sensei Sherry Course

The spacious IT Blanchardstown was the venue for Sensei Andy Sherry’s first visit to Dublin of 2012. The first class of the day was a dan grade class where over 30 black belts trained. After beginning with individual basic techniques, Sensei broke down commonly used combinations, working on zanshin and also timing of accompanying footwork. After this he moved on to kata Sochin. Senior black belts worked on perfection of techniques while lower dan grades learned the movements and sequences of the kata. After lots of individual correction to students by Sensei, the kata was performed full speed and power a number of times. The last part of the class was series of partnerwork combinations, involving several geri (or kicking) combinations, as well as using kicks as counter attacks instead of as direct attacking manoeuvres.

After a short break, the brown belts joined the dan grades, bringing the total numbers to over 60. Sensei again began with basic techniques before progressing on to kata. Brown belts worked on their grading kata, Bassa Dai, while black belts worked on katas Unsu and Gankaku. There was a terrific atmosphere in the class which befitted such a great venue, the usual home to the USKFI National Championships. Towards the end of the class, Sensei worked briefly on partnerwork relevant to each grading syllabus. 

A third class was then held for those taking a dan grading in 2012. Sensei Sherry thoroughly covered each aspect of the grading syllabi for each dan grade, correcting students and giving feedback on performance and technique. At the end of the class, those who had trained for all three classes were feeling rather tired but delighted to have had several hours of expert tuition from Sensei Sherry.

A very successful start course, the third senior grades course to be held so far this year. The USKFI was delighted with the turnout and look forward to welcoming him back again in April for another course and the dan grading. 

posted @ Sunday, February 19, 2012 10:53 PM by ecoates

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