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Junior Kata Championships

The USKFI held a very successful Junior Kata Competition and Judges and Referee's course over the weekend.

The event started off with a course first which was separated into three groups. Sensei Pat Keegan took the orange and red belts; Sensei Ray Stritch took the yellow to purple belts while Sensei David Royle took the purple tip to black belts.

Each instructor took the students through their various katas and prepared them for the competition ahead.

There were some fantastic performances on the day, including an exceptional Heian Sandan from a fiery James Doran from Lucan Karate Club who took first in his event. Another star on the day was Mapaolo Mwenya from Navan Karate Club who performed an excellent kata to take first in his event also. There were so many excellent performances Sensei Royle was delighted to see so many talented students coming through the ranks. The day finished off on a massive high with the team kata event. The standard was exceptional from each club and it was a tough contest which Corduff Karate Club eventually took first place in both Junior and Senior Team Kata Events.

We look forward to seeing everybody performing again in the next competition which will be the USKFI National Championships. Good Luck All!!.

Check out the photo gallery for more photos from the day....

Winners on the day....

Boys Kata under 10yrs Orange - Red belt: 1st place Evan Wynne (Lucan SKC) 2nd place Dimitry Kavanagh(Lucan) Joint 3rd Amine Ghanem (Corduff) & Shane Barry (Lucan)

Girls Kata under 10yrs Orange - Red belt: 1st place Selma Hoxlia (Palmerstown) 2nd place Olivia Hickey (Lucan) Joint 3rd Aoife Sammon (Palmerstown) & Leah Dutton (Palmerstown)

Boys Kata under 10yrs Yellow-Purple belt: 1st place James Doran (Lucan) Karl Rennicks (Navan) Joint 3rd Conor Brennan (Huntstown) & Thom Maguire (Navan)

Girls Kata under 10yrs Yellow-Purple belt: 1st place Jamie Lee Mooney (Kingscourt) 2nd place Lauren |Royle (Kingscourt) Joint 3rd Nicole Dillon (Huntstown) & Alice Fitzpatrick (Hartstown)

Boys & Girls Kata 10yrs and Under B&B Belt: 1st place Mapalo Mwenya (Navan) 2nd place Leon Hoban (Navan) Joint 3rd Ryan Norton (Huntstown) & Darragh Rothwell (Huntstown)

Boys Kata 11-15yrs Orange - Purple Belt: 1st Place Walter Dawed (Lucan) 2nd place Sinaly Drane (Corduff) Joint 3rd Jeeson d'Sa (Lucan) & Yusuf Ghanem (Corduff)

Girls Kata 11-15yrs Orange - Purple Belts: 1st Place Chelsea Nkapash (Corduff) 2nd palce Anisa Hoxha (Palmerstown) Joint 3rd Erika Gough (Corduff) & Abbie Norton (Huntstown)

Boys Kata 11-15yrs B&B Belt: 1st Place Jordan Canavan (Lucan) 2nd Place Ryan Cullen (Kingscourt) Joint 3rd Dadkarim Murad (Corduff) Billy O Brien (Greystones)

Girls Kata 11-15yrs B&B Belt: 1st Place Leeanne Royle (Corduff) 2nd Place Claire Elliot (Corduff) Joint 3rd Nicola Ghinda (Hartstown) & Fiona O'Reilly (Harstown)

Junior Team Kata: 1st place Corduff SKC 2nd place Lucan SKC Joint 3rd Navan SKC & Kingscourt SKC

Senior Team Kata: 1st place Corduff SKC 2nd place 

posted @ Monday, March 05, 2012 12:04 PM by ecoates

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