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Congratulations Sensei Sherlock


The USKFI are delighted to announce that Chief Instructor Sensei Michael Sherlock successfully passed his Rokudan (6th Dan) at the KUGB's Special Dan Course in Chesterfield on Saturday. This is a terrific achievement and follows years of preperation which intensified greatly over the last few months. Sensei Sherlock was the highest grade black belt to grade yesterday and it is testiment to his dedication and hard work that he attained his 6th Dan on his first attempt. The USKFI is very proud that Sensei Sherlock is the highest Irish Dan Grade ever to grade under Sensei Andy Sherry 8th Dan in what was an incredibly tough grading. Sensei Sherlock received compliments on the standard of his karate from high-ranked KUGB karateka afterwards, such as Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan, which was a fitting tribute to all the incredible hard work he put in for his grading, while still remaining at the forefront of the USKFI running courses, gradings, competitions and of course his own clubs.

Congratulations Sensei. Well Done!!

posted @ Sunday, April 15, 2012 8:22 PM by ecoates

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