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KUGB Nationals 2012

The USKFI had a fantastic day at the KUGB Nationals over the weekend. Fresh off the back of the USKFI Nationals the Junior Squad were in flying form dominating the Junior events throughout the day. In the Ippon Kumite event we are very proud to say we had 3 medalists. James Doran took home joint 3rd place, while Mapalo Mywenya and Leon Hoban battled it out in the final but after a very close contest Leon just pipped Mapalo to the Gold. It was a fantastic performance from all three lads with both Leon and James also being placed joint 3rd in their Kata events.

Leon & Mapalo battle it out for 1st Place

USKFI Finalists

 USKFI Finalists

After some suberb performances from the Junior boys the USKFI Girls were up next and after narrowly missing out on first place by .1 of a point was Leeanne Royle who took second place in a very difficult under 16 Black Belt Kata event.

Leeanne then captained her team into the final for the Junior Team Kata Event. After some tough competition Claire, Leeanne & Erika were delighted to take home Joint 3rd for the first time entering this event.

Another suberb performer on the day was Erika Gough and after winning the well deserved Most Outstanding Competitor Award just last week at the USKFI Nationals that only gave Erika the hunger for more. She performed an excellent Heian Nidan in the Kata final to take home 2nd place. Erika was not finished there though and after some very decisive scoring Erika stormed into the Kumite Final but after going a score down Erika showed real determination and clinical scoring to get the score back and finish her opponent to take first place.


 The USKFI would like to say congratulations to all the squad members who competed on the day and we are very proud of each and every one. All the dedication and hard work that each one of you put in on often a daily basis has clearly paid off. We would also like to say thank you to our squad coaches Sensei Michael Sherlock & Sensei David Royle for the commitment and dedication shown by them to push the USKFI squad to such a high level. The USKFI would like to also send out a very special thank you to Sensei Jennifer Madden for the immeasurable work done. She is a fantastic asset to our organisation.

Well done all and we look forward to seeing you all competing again in the upcoming Youth Championships.

posted @ Sunday, May 06, 2012 1:40 AM by ecoates

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