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Sensei J Brennan Course Weekend


The USKFI were delighted to welcome Sensei James Brennan to Dublin this weekend for a 2 day course in the Corduff Dojo.

The early morning class which was for USKFI Instructors and Assistant Instructors concentrated on the technical detail of Kata. Sensei went through the Katas Jion and Nijushiho in great detail with the emphasis placed on development of technique, Zanshin and Kime.  


After a short break the second Dan grade class of the day began. Sensei worked on some excellent Empi Uchi combinations along with some kicking drills which were later practiced against an opponent with the emphasis placed on making distance and scoring from a longer range. The class then finished up with Kata, the 1st Dans worked on Kata Jion, while the 2nd Dans Sochin and 3rd Dans and above Meikyo.



The third and final class of the day was for Dan grades along with brown belts. Sensei started the class with some basic combinations concentrating on correct technique along with hip rotation and kime. Sensei then moved onto Kata where the brown belts worked on Bassai Dai while the Dan grades worked on Bassai Sho. The class then finished up with some excellent attacking combinations with very effective counter attacks of Empi Uchi. 

After three very informative intense classes it was time for the brown belts to be put through their paces and grade under the attentive eye of Sensei Brennan. Sensei Brennan commented on the exceptional attitude everybody demonstrated on the day.

Well done to all who passed their grade today and good luck to everybody grading tomorrow under Sensei Brennan.

posted @ Saturday, June 23, 2012 8:29 PM by ecoates

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