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USKFI Dan Grade Course & Pre Dan


Lucan Dojo was the venue for the USKFI's Autumn Dan grade course and Pre Dan grade this weekend. The class started with some basic Kihon techniques before moving onto Kata. All grades started off with Kata Kanku Dai with Sensei Sherlock concentrating in great detail the technical development of the Kata whilst Sensei Royle walked around providing constructive feedback on detail and motivating each student.

The class was then separated into two groups, with Sensei Sherlock taking the 2nd Dans and above and Sensei Royle taking first Dans. With the 2nd Dans and above Sensei worked on Kata Nijushiho, Gojushiho Sho and Kata Unsu, again concentrating on the development of correct movement and technical detail.

Sensei Royle continued on with Kanku Dai with the 1st Dans and also Kata Jion. Although for some of the junior black belts these were relatively new Katas each student went away with a very good understanding and comprehension of these more advanced Katas.

After a short break Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle then held our final pre-Dan grade of the year. The purpose being to give the students a full understanding of what is expected of them on the day of their Dan grading and give them positive feedback and the opportunity to get any of them final questions answered.

Firstly Sensei Royle took all grades through their paces on the Kihon section of their grading, concentrating on correct technique, dynamics of movement, confidence, motivation and maintaining that martial attitude throughout. Carrying that across then into the Kata Section Sensei Royle took the Brown Belts while Sensei Sherlock took Dan Grades through each Kata that they may be required to perform on the day.

Both Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle were very impressed with the attitude and standard on display from the latest batch of Pre Dans and on behalf of all of the USKFI would like to wish you all the best of luck for your Dan grading coming up in November under Sensei Sherry and Sensei Brennan.



posted @ Tuesday, October 09, 2012 9:39 AM by ecoates

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