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2013 off to a flying start!!


The USKFI got 2013 off to a flying start with a 2 hour kumite course for orange to brown belts with Sensei Sherlock, Sensei Royle and Sensei Stritch where over 80 students showed up for the first event of the year.


(Sensei Sherlock demonstrating forearm attack)


The course started with Sensei Sherlock bringing the students through various Kihon techniques. The class was then split three ways Sensei Sherlock taking the brown belts while Sensei Royle took yellow to purple belt and Sensei Stritch took orange to red belts.


With the brown belts Sensei Sherlock progressed into more freestyle based attacks and used a variety of counter punching and counter kicking combinations.


With the yellow to purple belts Sensei Royle worked on a combination of punching techniques, focusing on accuracy, speed, reaction, distance and correct timing. Sensei finished up with a variety of kicking drills concentrating on the correct detail and execution of technique.


Sensei Stritch took the orange and red belts through a variety of combinations and although some of the younger students are new to kumite, the attitude on display was fantastic.


(Sensei Royle demonstrating Ushiro Mawashi Geri)


After a quick change Sensei Sherlock took the orange and red belts working on different combinations concentrating on co-ordination, correct distance and counter attacking with a variety attacks.


Meanwhile Sensei Royle took the brown belts and spoke about fitness for kumite, working on speed and reaction drills which included attacking and defending from different angles.


(Sensei Stritch demonstrates Mawashi Geri)


For the final change of the day Sensei Sherlock took the yellow to purple belts and worked on different combinations with variations in the counter attacks.

Sensei Royle worked with the orange to red belts on movement for kumite emphasising the importance of fitness for kumite, leg speed, hip rotation and correct dynamics.

Sensei Stritch finished up with the brown belts working on a number of kumite combinations emphasising the important principles of counter attacking.

Overall the atmosphere on the day was fantastic from everybody and it was great to see such great support for the first event of the year. Well done all!! 

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