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USKFI B&B Belt Kumite Course

The USKFI held a kumite only course in our newest dojo in the Phibblestown Community Centre. There was great support on the day and it was great to see students travelling from far a field to support the event. 

The class was separated into 2 groups, brown belts firstly taken by Sensei Royle with technical committee member Sensei Pat Keegan assisting while Sensei Sherlock took the Dan Grades. Sensei Royle paid particular attention to the exercise of Jiyu Ippon Kumite with the brown belts while Sensei Sherlock worked on Kaeshi Ippon Kumite with the Dan grades. 
After a short interval the classes switched with Sensei Royle taking the Dan Grades where he worked on the principles of kumite, including timing, distance and reaction drills.

posted @ Saturday, January 19, 2013 8:34 PM by ecoates

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