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Sensei Brennan Course Sept 2013


  The USKFI were delighted to welcome to Sensei Frank Brennan back to Dublin this weekend for a full day of training in our Corduff Dojo. The course was separated into three stages, a senior class for brown and black belts only, a class for all brown and black belts and the final stage of the course was a specialized squad training class for the USKFI squad members.


The first class started off with the development of correct footwork, coordination and body dynamism. Sensei then moved onto kumite where the previous points on the kihon section were incorporated into the partner work.  Working on a variety of counter attacking techniques Sensei Brennan stressed the importance of good distance and timing along with having a ferocious martial attitude. 

For the second class Sensei continued with a variety of kihon combinations with the emphasis on development of technique, speed and attitude. To follow a very tough kihon section Sensei moved onto some kicking drills. Each drill consisted of a triple kick combo of mawashi geris, ura mawashi geris and ushiro geris which was challenging to say the least. Each drill got tougher as the class progressed whilst still keeping in mind the development of correct technique, speed and accuracy.  To finish off a tough session Sensei finished up with kata Heian Godan working on the refinement of technique. 


    After a short break the third and final session of the day was a special training session for the USKFI squad members only. This was a perfect opportunity for our squad members who have had a very successful year so far to have some personalised training with one of the best and most successful karate competitors to date. Sensei Brennan worked on various aspects of kumite from sharp decisive attacks to a number of different defensive counter attacks along with the strategy and tactics of kumite and of course the fierce attitude required. The squad thoroughly enjoyed the private time with Sensei Brennan and will benefit greatly from his advice and words of encouragement. 


 USKFI Squad 2013

     As always it was a fantastic day of training with Sensei Brennan and whether students were in preparation for grading, preparing for competition or an instructor developing their own standard everybody was left satisfied. Sensei Brennan has an aura that is both captivating and mesmerising; to be able to benefit from his exceptional instruction can only make our organisation go from strength to strength. We look forward to another fantastic course with Sensei Brennan when we welcome him back to Dublin in November along with KUGB chief instructor Sensei Andy Sherry.

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