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Successful Dan grades for the USKFI


The USKFI were happy to welcome Sensei Andy Sherry & Sensei Frank Brennan back to our Corduff Dojo this weekend for another successful course and Dan grading. As always the course and grading were very well supported with over 100 Brown & Black belts in attendance.

The first course of the day was for the Dan grades and 1st Kyus only and was separated into two 45 mins sessions with each instructor. Sensei Sherry taking the first Dans and above to start where he went through a variety of basic combinations concentrating on correct body movement. Meanwhile Sensei Brennan took the 1st Kyus through each combination for their grade with great detail.

The second half of the session for the Dan grades Sensei Brennan concentrated on Kata Jion and Kata Chinte with each member going home with a very good understanding of both Katas. Sensei Brennan finished up a tough class with some sharp partner work with a variety of counter attacking techniques.

After a short break it was time for the 6th Kyus - 2nd Kyus to be put through their paces. Sensei Sherry conducted a course concentrating on the detail of each combination required for their grading. With over 90 green - brown belts also in attendance for the Kyu grade alone it shows the growth and expansion of the USKFI.

After a very successful day the USKFI added another 14 Dan grades to our ranks and over 100 students moved another step closer to their Dan grades. Sensei Sherry & Sensei Brennan were very impressed the high standard of karate and the superb attitude that each member displayed.

Well done to all!!

Successful Dan Grades as follows:

James Doran

Cormac Maguire

Thom Maguire

Yacine Ghanem

Nikita Lebedok

Philip Kearns

Ciara Walsh

Jan Osinski

Edel Enright

Sam Hynes

Mick Keegan

Nicole Dillon

Abbie Norton

Saibh Byrne

posted @ Sunday, November 10, 2013 11:01 PM by ecoates

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