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USKFI Pre Dan Course & Advanced Kata Class

 It was another busy weekend for the USKFI with an Advanced Kata Class for the Dan grades followed by a Pre Dan Grade class for all members hoping to Dan grade in 2014. The courses which were hosted by the Lucan Shotokan Karate Club were very well supported as always with over 100 members in attendance. The first course of the day was an advanced Kata class where the Shodans & Nidans worked on Kata Gojushiho Sho with Sensei David Royle whilst the Sandans & above worked on Kata Gojushiho Dai with Sensei Michael Sherlock. Each member went away with a very good understanding of each Kata.

After a short break USKFI grading examiners Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle put on a Pre Dan grade course for all members intending on Dan grading in 2014. Sensei Royle took the 1st Kyus and went through each aspect of their grade in great detail. Sensei covered Kata Bassai Dai with emphasis on quality of technique and good form. Sensei also went through Jyu Ippon Kumite concentrating on good depth in each attack as well as good timing, distance and sharps counter attacks. Sensei finished up what was a very informative class with Heian Nidan and Heian Sandan.

Sensei Sherlock went through different aspects of the grading with the Dan grades. With some USKFI members preparing for senior grades such as 4th & 5th Dan it was a great opportunity for them to be put through their paces by the USKFI's most senior instructor. Each member went away feeling confident for their upcoming grades.

posted @ Tuesday, February 25, 2014 9:14 PM by ecoates

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