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Sensei Sherry & Sensei Brennan


It was another marathon day of training this weekend for USKFI members under the expert tuition of KUGB chief instructor Sensei Andy Sherry and former World and European champion Sensei Frank Brennan. Corduff SKC was the host for a full day of training under two of the best and most successful instructors in the world visited Dublin. 

There was an excellent turnout from all USKFI clubs with many members taking advantage of all three  courses that were on the timetable for the day. This alone shows the level of dedication and commitment from our members. 

After Sensei Brennan's customary vigorous warm up the class was split into two sections. The Dan grades were with Sensei Sherry whilst Sensei Brennan took the brown belts for the first hour. Sensei Sherry went over various techniques and combinations in great detail concentrating on correct form and body dynamics. Sensei then concentrated on a number of kicking drills again with the emphasis on correct form and delivery of the technique. After a quick switch it was the time for Sensei Brennan to take the Dan grades through Kata. With Sensei Brennan's attention to detail and instruction of the highest level each member finished a fantastic course with a very good understanding and knowledge of their respective Kata. 

After a short break Sensei Brennan continued with the Dan grades starting first with some basic punching combinations with the emphasis on full body movement and co ordination. Sensei moved quickly onto some sharp partner work, working on a number of dynamic zuki and geri combinations. As always Sensei Brennan managed to push everybody to their maximum with his exceptional methods of motivation.  After another quick switch the Dan grades finished up the second course with Sensei Sherry going through favourite Katas for upcoming Dan grades. Each member finishing up with a very good idea of the performance Sensei Sherry anticipates for their upcoming grades.

After a short break the third and final course of the day was solely for USKFI squad members & members Dan grading this year. This course was kumite only and Sensei Sherry concentrated on a number of different zuki drills with a variety of footwork concentrating on depth in attacks. As the class progressed Sensei Sherry concentrated on a variety of counter attacks which included evasive manoeuvring, anticipation and interception. To finish up what was a very intense lesson Sensei worked on group kumite drills with each member trying the different techniques they had studied previously. 

It was another very successful day for the USKFI and we would like to thank all our member s for their continuous support. The level of dedication and commitment from all our members from month to month does not go unnoticed. Well done to all and in particular to those members who attended all three lessons on the day. The USKFI will be welcoming Sensei Sherry back in April for our first Dan grade of the year. Best of luck to all and keep up the good work. OSS


posted @ Sunday, March 09, 2014 8:39 AM by ecoates

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