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Sensei James & Frank Brennan Weekend Course


Sensei James & Frank Brennan Summer Seminar 


The USKFI were delighted to welcome back two of the most senior instructors from the Karate Union of Great Britain Sensei James Brennan 7th Dan and Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan for our annual summer seminar. The seminar which was held over two days saw over 300 hundred karateka train throughout the weekend. The seminar started off with a course exclusively for the USKFI instructors. Here they were split into two groups with Sensei James Brennan taking the 1st Dan- 3rd Dans working on the technical development of Katas Jion & Jiin while Sensei Frank Brennan took the 4th Dans and above and worked on Kata Gojushiho Dai. Not only having the reputation of being two of the finest and most decorated competitors from the KUGB over the years put they also have the experience of producing some of the best past and present World & European champions in Shotokan Karate. Their vast knowledge and experience in the World of Shotokan Karate is immense and they are always eager to share their expertise.

Senseis worked on various katas throughout the weekend from Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, and Hangetsu to advanced katas such as Meikyo and Gojushiho Dai. Both Senseis have their own unique way of instruction but they do have one thing in common and that is that they both teach with such passion and make sure every intricate detail is covered. Whether our members were just learning these new katas or were refining their performances each member finished the seminar with a very good understanding and knowledge of these Katas. 

Throughout the weekend Senseis also covered various types of kumite drills, from empi strikes to different punching combinations and numerous kicking combos. Senseis covered decisive attacking drills along with various types of counter attacking techniques. In their distinctive fashion Senseis pushed everybody to their maximum and the response made the atmosphere in the Dojo almost electric.

 To finish up what was a very educational, tough but thoroughly enjoyable weekend Senseis put over 90 of our purple to brown belts through an excellent syllabus based course followed by a tough grade. Under the watchful eye of these masters of the art each member gained so much knowledge & pushed themselves hard throughout the day and it was evident with such positive results from the grading afterwards.  

 With the emphasis always on having a very high standard and the development of technique being top of this list it was a very informative and gratifying weekend of training. As always there was very positive feedback from Sensei James and Frank Brennan on the dedication, determination, attitude and ability of our members. We look forward to having Sensei Frank Brennan back in September for another fantastic day of training.  

posted @ Saturday, July 12, 2014 4:21 PM by ecoates

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