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USKFI 14th Shotokan Cup


The USKFI Shotokan Cup was held at the Phibblestown Dojo and what a superb event it was. The competition which is in its 14th year had over one hundred and fifty Karateka competing on the day. There was a fantastic standard seen throughout the day from each event with many stand out performers on show. The day started out with the children’s Kata events. There was some tough competition in this event with many students showing lots of potential for the future. Ryan Kenny of Greystones SKC stormed through his elimination rounds and met Phibblestown SKC’s Ray Foysal in the final where Ray eventually went on to take home gold in this event. In the 11-15yrs Kata event we had Joel from Navan SKC pip Christopher Bowes of Greystones to the post to take home gold. We saw Amanda Anderson retain her title as the adult’s kyu grade kata champion after a close final against Jean Smithers of Lucan SKC. One of the toughest events of the day is by far the children’s brown and black belt kata event. With so many of our international squad members in this event the standard was to the maximum with some very intense performances. After a brilliant final where Leon Hoban performed kata Nijushiho and Leeanne Royle performed kata Enpi Leeanne went on to take home the gold after a tremendous performance.  To finish up with the senior kata event we saw more of our international squad members Sean O Connor and Lee Mc Carthy battle it out where Sean narrowly beat Lee to take home first place. Well done all!!

After all the kata events were completed we moved swiftly onto the kumite events. The standard was so high on the day and we saw some of the most fantastic performances of the year by far. Leon Hoban made the transition up to the 12-15yrs boys’ kumite and he made his debut with a bang with some tremendous performances with one match in particular against fellow squad member Ciaran O Connor being one of the most exciting matches of the day. Unfortunately Leon met his USKFI squad team mate Yacine Ghanem in the final and Yacine’s superb hand speed was just too much for Leon. Yacine went on to take a much deserved gold after some exceptional matches.  We seen newcomer Amine Ghanem in the 10-11yrs boys kumite make his debut in an astounding fashion scoring very decisive scores in the eliminations beating some former squad members in the process. Amine went on to meet USKFI squad member Mapalo Mwenya in the final where Mapalo’s experience and composure came through and he beat Amine scoring a cracking Kizame tsuki to take the gold. In the girls 12-15yrs kumite final (under 5”3) we saw Emma Donoghue and Shauna Luby battle it out with Emma scoring with a fantastic jodan mawashi geri to take the title. The girls 12-15yrs kumite (over 5’5) Leeanne Royle continued her fantastic run of form scoring with some very decisive techniques to take gold in both her events. To finish up with what was a very explosive day we had the senior ladies and senior men’s kumite events. Sean O Connor and Nikita Lebadoks battled it out in the final of men’s senior kumite event. This was a very tough match both physically and mentally for both competitors with the match being extended to extra time. Sean eventually went on to take the gold in what was a hard fought fight.  Gina Farrell and Jean Smithers of Lucan SKC also had a hard fought fight in the final of the ladies event with Gina coming out the victor with some sharp gyaku tsuki scores. Well done to all.

Before the day came to a close there were still two awards that were to be handed out, the best overall female and male competitor trophies.  Although there were many superb competitors on the day the decision was unanimous that Leeanne Royle and Sean O Connor who both took gold in their events should be chosen. Both members who are part of the USKFI squad performed exceptionally well on the day and were well deserved of their titles.


We would like to thank ALL our members who supported on the day. Our timekeepers and recorders, judges and referees, instructors and assistant instructors, parents and of course the competitors, without the constant support we would not be able to run such successful events. Once again we see continuous improvement across the board from all our members so it goes to show all the hard put in and the fantastic structure implemented is really paying off.  It was great to see the level of support and camaraderie from each and every member and the USKFI family continue to strive on all levels. Keep up the good work all!!!

posted @ Sunday, October 19, 2014 11:29 AM by ecoates

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