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Sensei Sherry & Brennan Spring Seminar

 The USKFI welcomed legends of Shotokan Karate Sensei Andy Sherry and Sensei Frank Brennan back to Dublin for our first international instructors seminar of 2019. We had fantastic support from our members as always with close to one hundred dedicated Karateka in attendance. 
The course got off to a flying from the outset with Sensei Sherry working on a range of challenging Kihon drills with the Dan grades. The main focus of the kihon section was developing a solid foundation by using the body correctly. Sensei continued in a similar fashion as he incorporated related principles into the kumite section while also developing sharp dynamic footwork utilizing the attack of gyaku tsuki. The kumite section progressed keeping similar principles in mind whilst utilizing the attacks of mawashi geri and ushiro geri. 
A quick switch and the course continued with Sensei Brennan teaching the Kata Chinte to the Dan grades whilst Sensei Sherry went through the Kata Bassai Dai in intricate detail with the brown belts. 
In the second half of the course Sensei Brennan took the Dan grades through Jyu Ippon Kumite with the emphasis on very good timing with a range of different defenses and counter attacks. Sensei Sherry continued with the brown belts working on Kihons for their upcoming grades as well as going through Kata Bassai Dai in intricate detail. Another quick switch and Sensei Sherry finished up the seminar reinforcing the Kata Chinte that the Dan grades had worked on earlier in the day with Sensei Brennan. 
Senseis were very impressed by the attitude of the members in attendance and noted how well the USKFI is developing and at such a rapid pace.
The USKFI would like to thank all our members for their continuous support and making these events so successful. A very enjoyable, informative and challenging course for all our members and we look forward to seeing you all once again at the next event.

posted @ Sunday, February 17, 2019 10:37 AM by ecoates

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