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KUGB National Youth Championships June 2018 by ecoates



The USKFI team traveled to Chesterfield in the UK over the weekend to participate in the KUGB's National Youth Championships. We had a fantastic group of youngsters representing our organisation at the tournament with a mixture of experienced competitors to a few newcomers who were just joining the team for the first time. Each member competed very well all gaining vital competition experience. The team were delighted to come away with five medals in total with Shay Kelly taking silver in the boy's under 5" kumite, Anna Louise taking bronze in the Girl's Kata event, Leeanne taking bronze in Junior ladies Kata while Leon took bronze in Kumite and the Boy's Kata title. 
A great team effort from all involved; the competitors, coaches, officials and support team of parents that traveled with the group. Well done all!!
USKFI Summer Course with Senseis James & Frank Brennan by ecoates


The USKFI would like to thank all our members who supported the brilliant summer seminar with Sensei James & Frank Brennan this weekend. A superb weekend of training of the highest standard with two legendary instructors of Shotokan Karate. A big congratulations to all members who graded today and successfully attained their next belts.

KUGB Liverpool Youth Championships May 2018 by ecoates

Over the weekend the USKF had two squad members representing team Ireland at the Liverpool Youth Championships. The girl's competed really well and we are very proud of their excellent performances and how well they represent our organisation. 

 Leeanne took first place in the Junior Ladies Kata 16-20yrs and took bronze in the Junior Ladies Kumite. Another successful day on the mats for USKF Ireland. 
Lisa was very unlucky in her match missing out by a wazari. Back to training for the ladies as we look forward to the next event coming up in June. Congratulations ladies.



Sensei Holly Sterling Course May 2018 by ecoates



The USKFI were delighted to welcome Sensei Holly Sterling 5th Dan to Dublin this weekend for the first of hopefully many seminars for our members. Sensei Sterling who has had a decorated career as part of the KUGB squad has won many titles throughout her many years as a competitor including World and European medals. Now retired from competition we were delighted to have her visit us and share her many years of experience and knowledge.

The course was well supported with close to seventy members in attendance all eager to train with the first female international instructor hosted by the USKFI. In a world that is usually male dominated there was an air of nervous excitement throughout the dojo with our members not sure what to anticipate for the days training ahead. They were not disappointed....Sensei Sterling covered all basis and then some!! Each section of Kihon , Kata and Kumite were all delivered with great technical detail emphasising the correct way to move your body with each technique performed. The class were even treated to little sections of Bunkai to develop a better understanding of the Katas they were performing.

Overall it was a fantastic day of training and although not the typical unnerving presence that Karateka are accustomed to Sensei Sterling brought a calmness, elegance and presence of all her own to the dojo that our members really warmed to. The feedback received from the participants has been excellent and the USKFI are already looking forward to welcoming Sensei Sterling back to Dublin in the future.

USKFI Squad training Map 2018 by ecoates


The USKFI continued with the monthly squad training this weekend with Sensei Royle putting the squad members through their paces with another tough session. Well done team; all looking very sharp and on form for the competitions ahead.

KUGB National Championships May 2018 by ecoates


A tough day on the mats comes to an end for our amazing trio Leeanne, Sophie and Lisa. A small but mighty squad representing the USKFI at the 52nd KUGB National Championships. All three girls performed superbly going through some tough rounds in their respective events. Some very close decisions with our members missing out by a very close margin. Overall the team performed excellently and gained some crucial experience they will bring into future championships. We are very proud of how all three ladies represented our organisation and are very proud to announce Leeanne Royle will be returning home with a bronze medal in the Junior Ladies Kumite under 21yrs after some fantastic performance in the eliminations. Congratulations ladies!!

USKFI National Championships April 2018 by ecoates


Aaron Smyth on way to Ippon Kumite title

Eva Thunder & Nadia Nya battle it out for a place in the final

Adam Hughes takes Best Competitor prize

Congratulations to all USKFI members who participated in the 16th USKFI National Championships over the weekend. We had over 150 competitors battle it out for the top spot on the podium and displaying a very high level of Shotokan Karate in the process. Congratulations all!!

Sensei Andy Sherry Course & Dan Grading April 2018 by ecoates


This weekend the USKFI welcomed world renowned instructor Sensei Andy Sherry back to Dublin for our first course and Dan grading of 2018. Sensei Andy Sherry who holds a 9th Dan in Shotokan Karate is a regular visitor to Ireland with this being the second seminar in a packed calendar of International instructors scheduled to visit the USKFI in the forthcoming year. The course was well supported with close to one hundred members in attendance. Click title for full report....


Successful Dan grade candidates


Combined Squad training & Referee's course April 2018 by ecoates



 The USKFI held a combined squad training class and Referee's and Judge's workshop in early April at the Corduff Karate Club. One of the many free events held by the USKFI throughout the year this event was split into two sections. USKFI squad coaches Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle putting the junior squad through their paces while the Referee's Technical Committee put on a workshop for the judges and referees.    

  With the international competition season on the horizon the squad members were really out to impress the coaches in an attempt to secure a place on the team for the many international competitions coming up over the next few months.  


(Referee's Technical Committee running through some video analysis) 

 The Referee's Technical Committee ran a course which consisted of a study of the rules of competition, covering all elements of competition Kata & Kumite as well as video analysis and discussions of possible scenarios that may arise on competition day. 

  After a short interval both groups came together and it was then time for all members to put their skills into practice. The main group was then separated into sub groups with each group assigned a match area. Here the squad members had a chance to perform with a little added pressure along with the referee's and judges getting some real time experience.  

 Overall the event was a massive success with very positive feedback being well received from all participants. Within the USKFI it is always about developing a high standard of Shotokan Karate from all aspects of Karatedo and with the continuous effort from all members within the USKFI to develop this standard is the reason the organisation is as strong as it is today. Thank you all for your support.

USKFI Brown & Black Belt Course March 2018 by ecoates




Well done to all members who attended the USKFI brown & black belt class that was held in the Corduff Dojo earlier today. We had great support from our members with close to seventy members in attendance on the first course. 

Class format seen Sensei Sherlock take the senior Dan grade Katas through advanced Kata Unsu while Sensei Royle took the brown and junior black belts through Kata Bassai Dai, Jion and Enpi. After a quick break Senseis switched with Sensei Sherlock taking the brown belts and junior black belts through a range of challenging kumite drills. Sensei Royle took the senior Dan grades through some challenging drills incorporating attacking from different angles with a variety of different attacks. 

 The USKFI would like to thank all members who attended the course and pushed themselves on what was a challenging course.  Well done all and we look forward to welcoming on the next event coming up in April. 

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