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USKFI Kildare Region Course by ecoates


The USKFI finished off a very busy year with our final official course of 2017. The course which was for orange to black belts was held at our Newbridge Dojo and considering we are a week out from Christmas we saw very good support for the event. Our members had the benefit of training with three of the USKFI's top instructors; leading the pack was senior instructor Sensei David Royle along with Sensei Keith Sherlock and Sensei Pat Keegan. 
The course consisted of a number of development drills in Kihon and Kumite which were then incorporated into the Kata practice. Each member on the course gave 100% and had a superb attitude towards their training which was well noted by each instructor.
Well done to all members who attended the event. The USKFI would like to thank all our members, instructors and parents for their continuous throughout 2017. and we look forward to another busy year in 2018. 
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

End of Year Grading by ecoates


The USKFI held the final grading of 2017 at the Corduff Dojo over the weekend. We saw a further 70+ members take the next step on their karate journey. 
Congratulations to all members that were in attendance.
A big thank you to the USKFI grading examiners and the admin team for all their hard work in ensuring the event ran along smoothly as always.

ESKA Portugal 2017 by ecoates


Team USKF Ireland returned back home after another superb European Championships. No medals this time for Team Ireland but plenty of invaluable experience gained. Well done to all karateka who participated, especially those who made the podium. Not an easy task!! Congratulations to all KUGB teams for their super performances and of course a big thank you to Portugal for being such fantastic hosts. Until we see you all again next year in Serbia bye for now. 

Full photo albums can be found on our Facebook page. Click link below....

USKFI 16th Shotokan Cup by ecoates



(Children's Kata Lucy Kennedy takes the title)

The USKFI wrapped up its series of National competitions for 2017 with the USKFI Shotokan Cup. The tournament which is in its 16th year was held in the Phibblestown Karate Club and sees competitors come from far afield to compete for the top spot of the podium. We continue to see a steady increase in participants and the clear development in standard within the USKFI, not just from the competitors but from the whole team involved with running these events. The constant striving for perfection within our referees technical committee is having a knock on effect with the junior judges and referees as we see continuous improvements as each tournament passes. Click title for full report....


(Sean O Connor scores with Ura Mawashi Geri)

WSKA 2017 by ecoates



As the dust settled from a superb WSKA 2017 the Irish squad arrived back in Dublin after departing Italy early Monday morning. The WSKA Championships which is held every two years attracts the highest level of Shotokan practitioners from all corners of the globe. This year the tournament was held in Treviso, Italy; a quiet beautiful city in Northern Italy.

The members of the squad from our youngest member Leon to our most senior Sean all performed tremendously and done the USKFI and their country proud. Although the USKFI squad returned light on silverware this time around they arrived home with a wealth of invaluable experience. Each time the USKFI squad participates in these high calibre tournaments the growth and improvement is clearly visible and although a small squad of just five athletes team Ireland were capable of standing toe to toe with some of the best Karateka in the world. The team performed superbly and all surpassed their personal bests at this high level with Leon, Sean and Yacine all coming very close to winning their pools to make it into the semi finals of the respective events.

At this high level of competition there are no losers; you win or you learn and this was without a doubt a was a fantastic learning experience for the whole team. The next International event for the team is the ESKA in eight weeks time in Portugal. Time to get back to the dojo where preparation starts once again.

The USKFI would like to thank our squad coaches Sensei Michael Sherlock & Sensei David Royle, our international referees Sensei Jennifer Prendergast. Sensei Jim Bartley and Sensei Bernard Gaffney for their relentless hard work in the build up to this event and especially over the competition weekend. They are always striving for perfection in their fields of expertise and this in turn is constantly raising the standard within our association. We would also like to thank the parents who traveled with the team and supported throughout the weekend.

Finally the USKFI would like to congratulate the KUGB teams from England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland on their superb performances over the weekend and the Italian Karate Association for hosting such a fantastic tournament.

Sensei Frank Brennan & Sensei Garry Harford Course by ecoates


The USKFI welcomed Sensei Frank Brennan & Sensei Garry Harford back to Dublin today for a marathon of fantastic karate training. Senseis went through a range of Kihons with the emphasis on developing a very solid foundation that students can build on. The splitting of the class was followed by both Senseis focusing on various techniques putting both brown and black belts through their paces. All three classes were filled with the highest of detail in both Kata and kumite in which students were left with a lot to take back to their own dojos. The USKFI would again like to thank all members for their support today in making the 4 and a half hours an enjoyable experience.

KUGB Shotokan Cup Sept 2017 by ecoates


At the weekend the USKFI International squad travelled to Chesterfield in the UK to participate in the KUGB Shotokan Cup. The USKFI had a total of thirteen competitors representing Ireland at one of the top Shotokan competitions the UK has to offer. For some of our junior squad members this was their last tournament on the international circuit and they were certainly out to impress meanwhile for our more seasoned competitors this was a perfect prelude for the World Championships coming up later this month. Click title for full report.....


KUGB National Youth Championships July 2017 by ecoates



In early July the USKFI International Squad flew to the Chesterfield in the UK to participate in the Karate Union of Great Britain National Youth Championships. The KUGB Youth Nationals welcomes competitors from across the UK and Ireland and boasts a very high standard of Shotokan Karate. With the World & European Championships on the horizon this particular competition is a perfect opportunity for Karateka to showcase their skills and hope to impress on looking coaches enough to secure their position for the International team. With this in mind it raises the level of the competition even higher. Click title for full report.....

Brennan Brothers Summer Seminar June 2017 by ecoates


In June the USKFI welcomed legendary instructors Sensei James & Frank Brennan back to Dublin for our annual summer seminar. Phibblestown dojo was the host for what is rapidly becoming one of the most popular events on the USKFI calendar. 
On what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year so far the temperature in the dojo must've been over 30 degrees but this did not hinder the many enthusiastic Karateka on the dojo floor. The weekend consisted of five and a half hours of top class Shotokan training with two of the finest instructors in the world of Shotokan Karate. Senseis covered a wide variety of challenging Kihon drills, taxing kumite drills and advanced katas such as Meikyo and Chinte. After the seminar concluded it was time for the USKFI's Green - Brown belts to be put through their paces as they graded under the expert eyes of the Brennan brothers. 
This brought to a close another very successful event for the USKFI and once again the USKFI received very positive feedback from Sensei James & Frank. They were impressed by the support, dedication and enthusiasm of each and every member that took to the floor and especially those that completed each session.
The USKFI would like to thank all our members who supported the event and made it as successful as it was. We would also like to congratulate all our members who successfully graded and progressed to their next belt. 
Well done all, we look forward to seeing you all again soon at our next event.

USKFI Development Course May 2017 by ecoates


Well done to all USKFI members who attended the Free Development Course today held in the Corduff Karate Club. Sensei's Michael Sherlock & Sensei David Royle assisted by Sensei Pat Keegan put the green to black belts through their paces with a range of Kihon and Kumite drills finishing up with Kata performance. The USKFI would like to thank all our members for their support and dedication. Our next event is our summer seminar with Senseis James & Frank Brennan; we look forward to seeing you all there.

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2/25/2018 9:30 AM USKFI Kata Championships Phibblestown
3/3/2018 10:00 AM USKFI White -Yellow belt grading Lucan
3/3/2018 1:30 PM USKFI Green - Brown belt grading Lucan
3/10/2018 9:30 AM USKFI Brown & Black belts Course Corduff
3/10/2018 12:00 PM USKFI Pre-Dan course Corduff
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