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The USKFI pay tribute to one of our long standing loyal members Sensei Gilbert Dawed by ecoates



Sensei Gilbert with Sensei Michael Sherlock & Sensei David Royle

Sensei Gilbert Dawed with the USKFI Executive Committee

The USKFI paid tibute to a larger than life character and a very special member of the USKFI family Sensei Gilbert Dawed!! Sensei Gilbert will be eimigrating at the end of the month to begin a new life in Sicily.Thank you for your years of support, dedication, hard work and loyalty to our association. You always arrived with a smile, your personality infectious and that will most certainly be missed. Bon Voyage notre cher ami!!

USKFI Brown & Black belt Course/Predan by ecoates


Well done to all members who participated in the USKFI Brown & Black belt Kata course and Predan class that was held in the Corduff sports centre over the weekend.

Kata Class group shot

Black belts were treated to a lesson on Kata Gankaku with Sensei Sherlock while the brown belts had a taste of Kata Jiin with Sensei Royle. After the first hour Senseis switched with Sensei Royle explaining different technical elements of the Kata whilst also teaching some of the points of Bunkai. Participants then had the opportunity to apply and practice with a partner. Sensei Sherlock proceeded in a similar fashion with the brown belts where they also had a chance to but some of the Bunkai of Jiin into practice. 

Some of the brown belt ladies leading the way for Kata Jiin

Some of our Dan grade ladies practicing Bunkai of Kata Gankaku

A very enjoyable course overall with some excellent feedback from the participants.
Arisha Foysal showing nice technique on her Yokogeri at the PreDan

Following on from the Kata course we had a Predan grade class for all those members hoping to go for Dan grade in the near future. 
There was an excellent standard overall and we are sure to be welcoming some new Dan grades in a few weeks time when Sensei Sherry and Brennan will be visiting. 

Sensei Liz Maher in action  at the PreDan
Well done all and thank you once again for your support.
USKFI October Grading by ecoates


Well done to all USKFI members who took their grading yesterday under the watchful eyes of Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle. Over 150 members made the progression to their next belt and done so with a superb standard and attitude.  Once again the USKFI would like to thank all our members, parents and instructors for their continuous support. Our association continues to go from strength to strength and that was clearly evident from the fantastic standard on display yesterday. 


Sensei Royle giving some feedback

Our youngest grader on the day Lauren Catacutan at just 5yrs old

Just one of many members showing great technical detail and attitude on the day.

USKFI 17th Shotokan Cup by ecoates


USKFI Referee's and Judges

The USKFI continued with what was to be a hectic schedule in October and straight off the back of a successful referee and judges’ course & exam the previous day, the USKFI were looking forward to one of the most prestigious events of the year; the USKFI Shotokan Cup. This particular competition which is now in its 17th year was held in the Phibblestown dojo in early October. We had close to two hundred USKFI members travel from the length and breadth of Ireland to participate what was anticipated to be another superb championships. Click title for full report.....

Overall Performancr Trophy awarded to James Hughes

Joshua Smith en route to final

Aaron Smyth en route to the title

Leon Hoban on way to gold 


The USKFI welcome our newest 4th Dan!! by ecoates


The USKFI would like to congratulate Sensei Peter O'Brien who successfully attained his 4th Dan earlier today at the KUGB's Special Dan grade course. Sensei Peter was accompanied by USKFI Executive Member Sensei Jennifer Prendergast to Bath in the UK. It is at these Speical Dan grade courses where the KUGB Grading Panel of Sensei Andy Sherry, Sensei Bob Poynton and Sensei Frank Brennan assess students going for senior Dan grades from 3rd Dan and above.
Well done Sensei Peter, all those years of dedication, hard work and study make these moments all that more worth it
USKFI Combined Referee and Squad Training Course by ecoates







Referee Technical Committee members Sensei Gaffney and Bartley pictured with successful candidates
Another busy day for the USKFI!!
The Referee and Judges Technical Committee held a course for the judging team ahead of the Shotokan Cup that'll be held tomorrow. While the refs and judges were going through the theory of the course Sensei Sherlock put the USKFI squad members through their paces in an intense squad class. Both events came together then as the squad performed in competition format which gave the referees and judges an opportunity to refresh the practical side of refereeing and judging. 
A fantastic event for all involved with the referees brushing up on their skills for tomorrow's event whilst the squad members fine tuning their technique!!
Once again we would like to congratulate our newest judges who successfully passed the USKFI judging examination. Liz Maher, Jimmy Kavanagh and Leeanne Royle  
Well done all and thank you for the support.
USKFI Squad represent at the ONAKAI Kata Championships by ecoates


Some of our medal winners Leon Hoban & Lisa Meagher pictured with Junior Coach Leeanne Royle

Cadet Kata Champion Anna Louise Lumingkit

USKFI Junior Ladies dominate under 18's Kata event

Well done to all USKFI squad members who participated in the 2018 Karate Ireland Onakai Kata Championships which took place in the Tallaght Leisure Centre. We had a fine squad representing our organisation and placed 3rd in the overall medal table with just a small squad in attendance. We are super proud of each member who took to the mats today. Great experience gained with the squad certainly stepping out of their comfort zone in a new venue and new format of competition. A big thank you to all the coaches who were there to support, Sensei David Royle, Rhonda Hoban, Leeanne Royle, Peter O Brien, Neil Anderson & Dave Walsh. A special thank you to the parents for their support; it is as always very much appreciated.

USKFI Autumn Seminar with Sensei Frank Brennan & Sensei Garry Harford by ecoates


Black belt class
Brown & black belt class
Red - brown Belt Class
The USKFI would like to thank all our members who participated in our Autumn Seminar with legendary Instructors Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan & Sensei Garry Harford 8th Dan. We had excellent support as always with over one hundred students participating over the three classes. Senseis remarked on the fantastic attitude and effort from everybody in attendance and were very complimentary on the dedication and standard within our association. 


The USKFI thanks each member for their constant support and making these events so successful. A special thank you to the support team behind these events for ensuring the smooth running of the event. 


USKFI B&B Belt course & Squad training Sept 2018 by ecoates


The USKFI would like to thank all our members who supported our events today. We held three events in total and all three were well supported from all clubs. The first event was the USKFI squad training in Phibblestown Karate Club with Sensei Royle. Simultaneously there was an orange to black belt course with Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Keegan in the Corduff Dojo. After the course the AGM took place. Once again thank you to all our members for their continuous loyal support. We look forward to seeing you all on the next event coming up on the 15th of September which will be a course with Sensei Brennan & Sensei Harford.

USKFI Kumite Championships August 2018 by ecoates


Well done to all members who participated in the USKFI Kumite Championships held in the Phibblestown Karate Club over the weekend.  The event was seperated into two sections; the first was a squad training style class with coaches Sensei SHerlock & Sensei Royle. This was a great opportunity for the competitors to channel their pre-tournament nerves and get them warmed up for the event ahead. This is also a perfect opportunity for our squad coaches to select students showing the determination and potential to be a part of the USKFI International squad. There were certainly some excellent performances all round!! Well done all!!

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