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A Christmas message from our Cheif Instructor Sensei Michael Sherlock. by ecoates


A Christmas message from our Cheif Instructor Sensei Michael Sherlock.

Dear members,

On behalf of the USKFI, I would like to wish all our members, parents/guardians, and family members a happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy prosperous new year.

2016 will be another busy year for us all and with your continued support it will be another successful year for the USKFI.

So whether you are celebrating at home or away, enjoy the festive break and celebrations. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2016.


Final Kyu Grading of 2015 by ecoates


Congratulations to all USKFI members who graded today at the final grading for 2015 held in the Corduff Karate Club. The USKFI grading examiners Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle held an additional grading for those members that missed out on the earlier grading in October. We saw over seventy USKFI hopefuls be put through their paces by Sensei Sherlock & Royle. Another great display from the USKFI members on the floor. Congratulations to all!!

ESKA Crawley 2015 by ecoates


Members from USKFI travelled to Crawley in the UK over the weekend to take part in the 30th European Shotokan Karate Association Championships. The tournament which is the most prestigious Shotokan tournament in Europe sees top athletes come from far afield to compete for the top spot on the podium. 

USKFI squad members Leeanne Royle, Yacine Ghanem, Sean O Connor and Lee Mc Carthy were part of the team that travelled to participate in the tournament. Each of the squad members performed superbly over the two days and gave it 100% percent in their performances. In particular Lee McCarty produced his best performances to date. He performed really well to come through a tough group in the cadet Kata event. Lee made it through to the semi final which is a great achievement for Lee. Lee performed really well in the semis but missed out on a spot in the final by a small margin.

(Lee Mc Carthy in action in the Kata semi final)

(Leeanne Royle scores with a perfectly timed gyaku tsuki)

Unfortunately this time around the team came home without any silverware but what they did come home with was very valuable experience which they will take to their next competition. As we always say at every championships sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.....never lose!! The guys performed really well and a are a great representation for the USKFI.

(USKFI Squad coaches Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle coaching from the sidelines)
We would like to thank squad coaches Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle for their continuous work over the past year and of course USKFI referees Jennifer Prendergast, Jim Bartley & Bernard Gaffney for all their hard work also.

(USKFI International Referees at ESKA)

This event brings a close to the competition season and we look forward to seeing all our guys in action again in 2016 where we are sure there will be lots of silverware on show.

Sensei Sherry & Brennan Course & Dan Grading by ecoates


The USKFI were happy to welcome Sensei Andy Sherry and Sensei Brennan back to Dublin for our final course and Dan grading of 2015. As always the course was very well supported from our very enthusiastic members and in turn this made the atmosphere in the Dojo amazing. Sensei Sherry & Brennan put on a master class of Karate and captivated the room in their usual fashion. Following the course Sensei Sherry and Brennan conducted our last Dan grading for 2015 and we are very proud to announce we now add a further ten Shodans, one Nidan and 3 Sandans to our ranks. 

Congratulations all!!

Amal Pramod
Amine Ghanem
Donnachadh Murray
Sophie Farrell
Conor Molloy
Valeri Nolan
Stephen Dunne
John Reilly

Lee Mc Carty

Gilbert Dawed
Georgia Coates
Mark Maguire


(Sensei Sherry goes through some Kata detail with Corduff SKC's Georgia Coates)

Sensei Brennan demonstrates Ushiro Geri

(Our newest Shodans)

(Our newest Nidan & Sandans)


USKFI Kyu Grading October by ecoates



The USKFI held a Kyu grading for white to purple belts this weekend in the Corduff Dojo. We had close to one hundred members take a step further in their Karate journey and each one of them done it with a great attitude accompanied by a very good ability. Congratulations to all our successful candidates.

USKFI Brown & Black Belt Course & PreDan Grade by ecoates



Another fantastic Kata course for the USKFI today in the Corduff Dojo with Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle.

To start off a great day of training our brown belt members got an in depth study of Kata Jitte with Sensei Royle whilst Sensei Sherlock took our black belts through Kata Gankaku. The second half of the course Sensei Royle took the Dan grades through the Bunkai of Gankaku while Sensei Sherlock thought the brown belts Kata Kanku Sho. It was a brilliant day of training under the expert tuition of two amazing instructors.

Both Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle were very impressed by the dedication and effort from each and every member on the floor and would like to thank each member for their constant dedication making the USKFI what it is. UNITED!!

USKFI Shotokan Cup by ecoates


The USKFI’S 2015 Shotokan Cup took place on Saturday 17th October at the Phibblestown Karate Club.

The Shotokan Cup which is now in its 14th year has a slightly different format than the USKFI’s other National competitions. In the brown and black belt section it gives our members a chance to perform on an individual basis. Each member will choose their own Katas to perform in the elimination rounds. This gives each of our members the opportunity to perform a number of different Katas in a competition environment.

The event proved to be a great success with many outstanding and spirited Kata and Kumite matches to entertain the spectators. Of the many fantastic performances on the day a special mention must be given to Navan SKC’s Leon Hoban, a tremendous competitor that has just gone from strength to strength over the past few years. He swept aside his opponents in the elimination rounds winning each match in decisive fashion. Leon went on to take home gold in the boy’s kumite event and also gold in his kata event. After his fine performances throughout the day Leon got an added bonus when he was selected by the USKFI Referee & Judges technical committee to receive the award for the most outstanding male competitor of the day. The most outstanding female award went to Phibblestown SKC’s Patricia Hurjui after a fine display in the Girl’s Kumite and Kata events. Patricia managed to take home gold in both events and at the tender grade of purple belt Patricia put on some fine displays beating USKFI squad members in the process. A great achievement for Patricia, she is showing lots of potential for the future.

(Leon Hoban presented with Best Male Competitor Trophy)

(Patricia Hurjui presented with Best Female Competitor Trophy)

We had so many fine performances on the day from each category; we saw Hannah Stewart and Ayllen Jicmon battle it out in the Girls Ippon Kumite with Hannah coming out on top to take home the Gold. In the boys Ippon Kumite event it was like déjà vu when we once again saw Ray Foysal take on Shay Kelly where Ray eventually piped Shay to the title. In the 10-11 yrs boys kumite we saw fine performances from Dimitri Kavanagh and Brendan Reyes. In the senior ladies events we saw newcomer to the event Leeanne Royle take the title in both Kata and Kumite. To finish off a magnificent day of karate we saw USKFI squad members Lee MC Carty and Sean O Connor battle it out for the senior men’s title. Once again a tough nail biting match which eventually saw Sean take home the title.

(Sean O Connor & Lee McCarty battle it out in the Kumite final)


(Leeanne Royle & Lina Tumene battle it out in the Ladies Kumite Final)

The USKFI would like to thank all the Referees, Judges and Officials and all members who helped out in organising the event. Congratulations to all of the competitors whose high standards and fighting spirit is an inspiration to us all and a big thank you to all parents and spectators who came to cheer them on.

WSKA Championships Poland Oct 2015 by ecoates



USKFI squad members travelled to Bielsko-Biala in Poland in early October to take part in the 12th World Shotokan Karate-Do Championships. The squad members were accompanied by USKFI squad coaches Sensei Michael Sherlock and Sensei David Royle along with the USKFI's International referees Sensei James Bartley & Sensei Bernard Gaffney.

The competition which is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of Shotokan Karate was held over two days and saw hundreds of elite athletes travel from all corners of the globe to compete for a place on the podium.


The USKFI quadruple that consisted of Sean O Connor, Lee Mc Carty, Leeanne Royle & Yacine Ghanem all competed in various events for Kata & Kumite. The squad performed really well with Yacine Ghanem making his first outing at World Championships level. Yacine made it through a couple of rounds but unfortunately was defeated by some tough opposition. Sean O Connor also did really well with very strong performances in both the junior and senior kumite events. Unfortunately Sean was a bit too strong and was disqualified for contact. Lee also made some very positive progress in his events with some real signs of improvement in his performances. Clearly the competition experiences gained for these guys over the past few months is paying off as we now see a significant improvement on all levels for these guys.  

Leeanne Royle who recently made the transition to the older category of cadets (16-17yrs) had a superb weekend on the mats. Once again we seen some very mature experienced performances from this very young lady. In the cadet events Leeanne came very close to a booking a place in the final in both her Kata & Kumite events. In the Kata event Leeanne narrowly missed out to her opponent with the judges split on their decision with Poland coming out on top with the vote coming out as 3-2 in favour of Poland. In the kumite event Leeanne had some excellent elimination rounds but once again narrowly missed out to her Swiss counterpart. With the match tied at 1-1 both ladies were pushing for the winning score, as both competitors launched their attack simultaneously the Swiss competitor was just that bit sharper and pipped Leeanne to get the score first. Once again a fantastic performance from Leeanne.

Leeanne also entered the older category for 18-20yrs to gain some extra competitive experience. Although only entering to gain some additional competition experience Leeanne as always performed very well and managed to storm through the Kata rounds beating some very tough opposition on the way. She managed to book herself a place in the final where she competed against some very strong competitors from Russia, Hungary and Sweden. After her performance of Kanku Sho Leeanne was delighted to be returning home with a bronze medal in what was a very tough event. Leeanne is the only ever Irish Karateka to medal in this event. A fantastic result for Leeanne and the USKFI.

We would like to congratulate all members on a fantastic weekend of competition. Sometimes we win and sometimes we learn (we never lose). Although not all our members medalled at the weekend the most important thing is the experience that is gained, win, lose or draw all experience stands to you in time. Keep working hard, keep improving and your time will come. 

Rokudan success for Sensei David Royle by ecoates


The USKFI are very proud to announce that co-founding member Sensei David Royle successfully attained his Rokudan (6th Dan) under the KUGB grading panel in late September. The KUGB grading panel which consists of Shotokan karate legends Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan, Sensei Bob Poynton 8th Dan & Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan kept a careful eye as Sensei Royle was put through his paces.

Sensei Royle who is well known throughout the Karate world was accompanied by USKFI Chief Instructor Sensei Michael Sherlock and USKFI Secretary Sensei Jennifer Prendergast to the Special Dan grade course that was held in Bath in the UK.
Sensei Royle’s years of hard work, commitment and dedication to the art of Shotokan Karate has brought him to this well-deserved point in what has been and continues to be a very successful Karate career.  Sensei Royle has dedicated most of his life to his karate and it is for this reason he is probably one of the youngest Karateka to be ranked at this level having gone through the rigorous grading system of the Karate Union of Great Britain.
Sensei Royle certainly sets a fine example for any Karateka to follow. His commitment and dedication to the USKFI and its members is forever present and that did not falter even in the preparation for such a tough examination. Congratulations Sensei Royle.
Sensei Brennan & Sensei Harford Autumn Seminar by ecoates


The USKFI were delighted to welcome Sensei Frank Brennan & Sensei Garry Harford back to Dublin for our annual Autumn seminar. We had close to 100 members in attendance for a fantastic day of training under the expert tuition of these two legends of Shotokan Karate. 

(Dan Grade Masterclass)

(Brown & Black Belt Course)

The course was separated into three 1.5hr sessions with Sensei Brennan and Sensei Harford taking our members through their paces with lots of different aspects of Kihon, Kata and Kumite. The attitude from our members was as always tremendous which in turn made the atmosphere in the dojo almost electric with each and every member giving 100% on the floor. A notable element in which both Sensei Brennan & Sensei Harford were really impressed by. 

Considering the fact there was no grading and members were there simply just to train and enjoy themselves is impressive in itself. Our members show true dedication and love for karate to stay and train for four and a half hours and put their heart into every movement. Within the USKFI the example is set from the top down with our senior instructors Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle leading the way never missing a session and giving there all when on the floor. It is a perfect example for our members to follow. 

Within the USKFI it is all about a high standard of karate and we are delighted to be in a position to welcome experts in their field such as Sensei Brennan and Sensei Harford numerous times throughout the year to pass down their vast knowledge to our members. We look forward to welcoming Sensei Brennan back in November where he will be accompanied by KUGB Chief Instructor Sensei Andy Sherry for another fantastic course.

 Upcoming Events

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2/7/2016 9:00 AM USKFI Youth Championships 2016 Phibblestown
2/20/2016 9:30 AM Senseis Sherry & Brennan Spring Course
2/27/2016 9:00 AM KUGB Grand slam Chesterfield
3/5/2016 10:00 AM USKFI White-Red Belt Grading Corduff
3/5/2016 1:00 PM USKFI Yellow-Green Belt Grading Corduff
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