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KUGB National Youth Championships by ecoates


The USKFI squad traveled to Chesterfield in the UK over the weekend to participate in the KUGB National Youth Championships. Although we had a small squad representing the USKFI at the championships the effort was mighty. All our guys performed superbly well and although not all the guys made it to the podium they certainly put their mark on the championships.

Team Shot

Both Leeanne and Leon had a tremendous tournament with Leon being crowned the KUGB National Youth Champion in the boy's kumite event. A well deserved title for Leon and a nice award to add to his ever expanding collection of trophies. Leeanne also had a superb tournament taking bronze in the Junior Ladies Kumite event narrowly missing out on a place in the final. Leeanne also took gold in the Junior ladies Kata event after performing a sharp Kanku Sho in the final.

(USKFI Medalists Leon Hoban & Leeanne Royle with coach Sensei David Royle)

It was once again a very successful tournament for the USKFI with lot and lots of vital competition experience gained. The USKFI would like to thank our supporters and the parents who traveled with the team over the weekend. Congratulations all and we look forward to seeing you take to the mats at our next International event the KUGB Shotokan Cup coming up in September.


USKFI White - Yellow Belts Grading June 2016 by ecoates


(Group shot white & orange belts)

(Sensei Royle pictured with some of our successful grading candidates)

Congratulations to all USKFI members who graded at our June grading under the watchful eyes of Sensei Michael Sherlock & Sensei David Royle. We saw close to 150 members from white to yellow belt took the next step on their karate journey. There was a fantastic attitude and standard on show from all our members which was well noted by the grading examiners. Congratulations and keep up the good work.


Sensei James & Frank Brennan Summer Seminar by ecoates


(Black Belt Class)

(Brown & Black Belt Class)

(Green - Black Belt Class)

The USKFI were delighted to welcome Sensei James & Frank Brennan back to Dublin for our summer seminar. Two days of training of the highest level from two of the most respected instructors in the world of Shotokan Karate.
We would like to thank each and every one of our members who attended and gave their all on the floor. The atmosphere in the dojo was as always tremendous & attitude from everybody was fantastic as always & well noted by both Senseis. A big congratulations to all our members who graded and took one step further on their karate journey.
Once again thank you to all of our members who supported over the weekend and made the event such a success.

Liverpool Youth Championships May 2016 by ecoates


Liverpool Youth Championships May 2016

Following on from their International duties earlier in May at the KUGB National Championships the USKFI team travelled to Liverpool to take part in the Youth Championships. Although on a slightly smaller scale than the National Championships the Liverpool Youth Championships attracts some of the UK's top karate athletes. With Liverpool being the home of some of the UK's most renowned instructors such as Sensei Andy Sherry, Bob Poynton,... Sensei Terry O Neill and of course legendary brothers James & Frank Brennan this competition always has a very special feel to it.....Click link for full details


Liverpool Youth Championships Squad 2016

Leeanne Royle presented with the Cathy Hutchinson memorial trophy for being the most outstanding youth competitor)

KUGB 50th National Championships May 2016 by ecoates


The USKFI squad travelled to the UK over the weekend to participate in the KUGB's 50th National Championships. This prestigious event attracts Karateka from all over the UK with hundreds competing for a spot on the podium and to go down in the history books along with other greats before them with the title of National Champion. Click title for full report......

(Team Shot)

USKFI Squad Coaches Sensei Sherlock & Royle with Medalists Leeanne Royle & Leon Hoban

Successful Dan Grades!! by ecoates



A massive congratulations to all USKFI members who successfully attained their Dan grades today under the KUGB's Chief Instructor Sensei Andy Sherry. A fantastic standard on show which in turn led to a high pass rate once again. Congratulations all!!

Nadia Nya
Ray Foysal
Akhil Pramod
Shay Kelly
Brendan Reyes
Aoife Reyes
Peter Bednarzak
Christopher Bowes
Amanda Anderson
Jean Smithers
Gina Farrell
David Farrell
Chris Molloy
Tomas Kairys
Reece Geoghegan

Kate Gaffney
Steven Kenny
James Doran

USKFI National Championships by ecoates



The USKFI held its 14th National Championships over the weekend at our Phibblestown Dojo. Once again we saw a rise in the volume of entries with almost 150 members take to the mats. Click title for full report……
(Arisha Foysal is awarded the best competitor trophy by chief instructor Sensei Sherlock)
(USKFI sqaud members Leon Hoban & Yacine Ghanem battle it out in the Boys Kumite)
(Ray Foysal takes flight en route to the Chidren's Kata Final)
Referee & Judges Certificate Presentations by ecoates


 The USKFI would like to welcome and congratulate the newest members of our officiating staff; Sensei Peter O Brien, Sensei Jason Smyth and Sensei Fran Hoban. Sensei Peter O Brien having already received his qualification to be a USKFI judge continued with his studies and practice and took the stringent USKFI referees exam which he passed with flying colours. Sensei Jason Smyth & Sensei Fran Hoban also took the judges exam on the day and both received very good results. They were presented with their certificates by Chief Instructor Sensei Michal Sherlock at the recent USKFI Nationals.
(Sensei Peter O Brien presneted with his Referee Certificate)
(Sensei Jason Smyth presented with his Judges Certificate)
(Sensei Fran Hoban presented with his Judges Certificate)
The USKFI are always striving for perfection in every area and our referees and judges qualification process is just one of those areas. With regular educational courses both theory and practice it helps with the development of the USKFI in all aspects. These courses are open to all USKFI members 18yrs and above, if this is something members would be interested in getting involved in please contact USKFI referee and judges committee.
Dan Grade Class & PreDan by ecoates


The USKFI continued with our busy calendar of events this weekend with a Dan grade course followed by a PreDan grade. We had as always great support on both courses from our members.
The first course consisted of Sensei Sherlock putting the Dan grades through a number of kihon drills developing technique, dynamism and speed. This carried on into the partner work with a series of kicking drills. Sensei Royle took over at the half way mark and continued on with some dynamic partner work but concentrating on the basic principles of movement and scoring. To finish up with a superb course the Dan grades worked on their favorite Katas and this was a perfect opportunity for members to perfect their performances with the experienced eyes of Sensei Sherlock & Royle watching over.
After a short interval it was time for the Dan grade hopefuls to be put through their passes for the first Predan class of 2016.
Sensei Royle guided our members through each step of the Kihon section of the grade, elaborating on the finer detail whilst still maintaining the intense attitude and drive from each member. After the Kihon section was completed each member those hoping to attain Shodan right up to Godan went through their Katas; favorite kata and of course each of the compulsory Katas.
To finish up a tough but very informative session members were taken through the Kumite section of their grading. Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle gave some very important tips on where members needed to improve and what is required in their grading.
It was another fantastic day of training for our members and we wish them all the very best of luck for their upcoming grades.
The USKFI would like to thank each and every member for their continued support and Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle for putting on a fantastic course.
Judges Success!! by ecoates


The USKFI’s Referee Technical Committee continued with their educational programme in March with a theory & practical workshop for USKFI referee & judges. The course which was run in conjunction with the USKFI’s open squad training session saw both qualified officials and new participants in attendance. The workshop was run by the USKFI’s most experienced international referees Sensei James Bartley, Sensei Jennifer Prendergast and Sensei Bernard Gaffney. Each member of the technical committee had a vital role to ensure all basis were covered during the workshop; Sensei Bartley going through the USKFI competition rule book in great detail, Sensei Prendergast took the group through the referees and judges signals and finally Sensei Gaffney presented the group with a number of video clips of Kata & Kumite explaining the relevant points to watch out for while officiating.
With the theory part completed it was time to get some real time practice in. While the referee workshop was in process the USKFI’s squad coaches Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle were putting squad members through their paces in the main hall. This was a perfect opportunity for the USKFI officials to get a hand on approach to refereeing.
Within the USKFI the concentration is always about education and with a mixture of experienced officials to ones just starting their judging career this was the perfect learning environment for all members in attendance to benefit from. When the workshop had come to a close we had three members take the USKFI stringent judges examination where each member passed with a high pass rate.  Congratulations to Sensei Jason Smyth, Susanne Passas and Sensei Fran Hoban.


 Upcoming Events

Event StartTitle
10/1/2016 10:30 AM KUGB Special Dan Course and Grading Bath
10/8/2016 9:30 AM USKFI Refs' and Judges' Course and Exam Corduff
10/16/2016 9:30 AM USKFI Shotokan Cup Phibblestown
10/22/2016 10:00 AM USKFI Brown & Black Belt Kata Course Corduff
10/22/2016 12:00 PM USKFI Pre-Dan Course Corduff
(UTC 00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

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