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USKFI Grading March 2018 by ecoates


(The white to yellow belts line up ready for action)

(Sensei Sherlock explaining the finer point of Kata Bassai Dai)


(Sensei Royle explaining some important detail to Phibblestowns Mia)

The USKFI held the first grading of the year over the weekend in the Corduff Karate Club. We had close to 150 members take the next on their karate journey and one more step closer to Dan grade. 
The standard overall throughout the grading was very high; from the white belts right through to the brown belts. As always there is room for improvement and it very important that members take on board the constructive feedback given by the grading examiners. Although Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle had alot of constructive feedback for the members on the grade they alot had a massive amount of praise for the overall standard and attitude of the students who graded. Senseis were very impressed to see the continuous and steady growth and development within the USKFI and were very complimentary to the level on show on the day. 
(Grian Galligan Byrne showing some impressive kicks on way to attaining her purple belt)
We would like to thank all our members for their continued support and to the instructors for setting the standard from the top down. A special thank you to the team behind the organisation of the event and ensuring the smooth running as always. 

Congratulations all and we look forward to seeing you all on the next events brandishing those new belts.
USKFI Kata Championships Feb 2018 by ecoates


(Brown belt Kata finalists take to the podium with Aaron Smyth taking top spot)


(Blacklion's Amy puts on a fine display in the Children's Kata event)

(Joshua Smyth on route to the final)
Well done to all USKFI members who participated in the Kata championships that were held in the Phibblestown Shotokan Karate Club yesterday. 

The event was well attended with close to 130 competitors started off with a Kata course in which Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle gave the competitors some important tips and feedback on how to improve their Kata performances.

The event was well run as always and the USKFI would like to thank all the organizers, referees, judges and officials for their assistance in making it another successful day for the USKFI. We would also like to thank the competitors and parents for their continued support and all the spectators who came along to cheer on the competitors. 

Well done all and we look forward to you all take to the mats again for the USKFI National   Championships coming up in April.
USKFI Spring Seminar with Sensei Sherry & Brennan by ecoates



The USKFI welcomed legends of Shotokan Karate Sensei Andy Sherry and Sensei Frank Brennan back to Dublin for our first international instructors seminar of 2018. Considering it's the mid term break we still had fantastic support from our members with over seventy dedicated Karateka in attendance. 
The course got off to a flying from the outset with Sensei Sherry working on a range of Tsuki attacks with the emphasis on generating speed & depth in the attacks through rapid foot work. Sensei continued in a similar fashion as he incorporated related principles with the attack of ushiro geri. Tough drills that really challenged everybody and raised the atmosphere in the dojo. A quick switch and the course continued with Sensei Brennan teaching the Kata Jion to the Dan grades whilst Sensei Sherry went through the Kata Bassai Dai in intricate detail with the brown belts.
In the second half of the course Sensei Brennan took the brown belts through Jyu Ippon Kumite with the emphasis on very good timing with a range of different defenses and counter attacks while Sensei Sherry continued with the challenging Ushiro Geris attacks from earlier. Another quick switch and Sensei Sherry concentrated on Heian Katas with the brown belts while Sensei Brennan went through Katas Jion, Jitte and Jiin with the black belts.
As always Senseis focus on the development of excellent fundamentals and carrying this detail into the Kata and Kumite sections of the courses. Senseis were very impressed by the attitude of the members in attendance and noted how well the USKFI is developing and at such a rapid pace.
The USKFI would like to thank all our members for their continuous support and making these events so successful. A very enjoyable, informative and challenging course for all our members and we look forward to seeing you all once again at the next event.
USKFI Squad Training Feb 2018 by ecoates

(Lucan SKC's Sophie Farrell attacks with a Jodan Mawashi Geri)

Well done to all USKFI members who attended squad training that was held in the Corduff Karate Club yesterday. A young bunch of very enthusiastic Karateka showing lots and lots of potential for the future ahead. We look forward to seeing you all taking the competition circuit by storm in 2018.

USKFI Kildare Region Course Feb 2018 by ecoates


The USKFI held the first course of 2018 for our Kildare region over the weekend. The event was held in the Newbridge Karate Club and saw over seventy students coming from far and wide to participate. The course concentrated on the development of correct technique and in particular focused on correct hip action. This was carried from the Kihon section into the Kata and Kumite sections with students put through their paces with some challenging drills to work on. 
The USKFI would like to thank all members who participated and supported the event. Sensei Sherlock was very impressed by the enthusiasm and effort from everybody on the floor and of course to see how much the events in our Kildare region are continuing to strive. Well done all and we look forward to our next event in Kildare.
Open Squad Training Jan 2018 by ecoates



(Monasterevin's Tori Maher attacks with an Kizami Tsuki)

The USKFI held the first open squad training of 2018 this weekend in the Corduff Karate Club. Although alot of our regular squad members are out of action whilst studying for exams etc we still saw great support for the event with over 40 young enthusiastic Karateka in attendance. Both Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle were impressed by the enthusiasm and effort shown by each of the members in attendance.
A reminder the USKFI follow the criteria of triple A.....ABILITY, ATTITUDE AND ATTENDANCE. Members do not have to be winning all the time to be selected for our International squad but they do have to have the ability, be attending and supporting USKFI events and of course have a superb martial attitude.
Well done to all members who participated and good luck for the selection process.
USKFI First Brown & Black Belt Course 2018 by ecoates


The USKFI kickstarted 2018 with a free brown and black belt course yesterday. Karateka from all USKFI clubs braved the poor weather to make the trip to Corduff where the organisation’s top instructors, Senseis Michael Sherlock & David Royle delivered a spirited course.

After the warm up, Sensei Sherlock took the class through a series of khion combinations before the group was split in two: brown belts and 1st dans, and 2nd dans and above. Sensei Sherlock put the brown belts and 1st dans through Heian Godan and Tekki Shodan respectively, before moving the dan grades onto Tekki Nidan while brown belts practised Heian Godan. Sensei Royle took the higher grades through Heian Shodan and Heian Godan, putting principles of movement in place which were then later applied to Heian Sandan and Heian Yondan.

The course finished with some dynamic partner work, leading to a energetic atmosphere in the dojo. An excellent start to 2018.
USKFI Kildare Region Course by ecoates


The USKFI finished off a very busy year with our final official course of 2017. The course which was for orange to black belts was held at our Newbridge Dojo and considering we are a week out from Christmas we saw very good support for the event. Our members had the benefit of training with three of the USKFI's top instructors; leading the pack was senior instructor Sensei David Royle along with Sensei Keith Sherlock and Sensei Pat Keegan. 
The course consisted of a number of development drills in Kihon and Kumite which were then incorporated into the Kata practice. Each member on the course gave 100% and had a superb attitude towards their training which was well noted by each instructor.
Well done to all members who attended the event. The USKFI would like to thank all our members, instructors and parents for their continuous throughout 2017. and we look forward to another busy year in 2018. 
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

End of Year Grading by ecoates


The USKFI held the final grading of 2017 at the Corduff Dojo over the weekend. We saw a further 70+ members take the next step on their karate journey. 
Congratulations to all members that were in attendance.
A big thank you to the USKFI grading examiners and the admin team for all their hard work in ensuring the event ran along smoothly as always.

ESKA Portugal 2017 by ecoates


Team USKF Ireland returned back home after another superb European Championships. No medals this time for Team Ireland but plenty of invaluable experience gained. Well done to all karateka who participated, especially those who made the podium. Not an easy task!! Congratulations to all KUGB teams for their super performances and of course a big thank you to Portugal for being such fantastic hosts. Until we see you all again next year in Serbia bye for now. 

Full photo albums can be found on our Facebook page. Click link below....

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