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ESKA 2014 by ecoates


(USKFI Squad members Lee McCarty, Sean O Connor, Leeanne Royle and Eleanore Coates)

(Leeanne Royle is crowned European Champion at the ESKA championships in Zurich Switzerland)

Members of the USKFI travelled to Zurich Switzerland in November to take part in the 29th ESKA Championships.   Together with USKFI squad coach Sensei David Royle squad members Eleanore Coates, Sean O Connor, Lee Mc Carty and Leeanne Royle all travelled to take part in this prestigious event; the highest level of competition in Shotokan Karate.  Click title for full report.....

Dan Grade November 2014 by ecoates


Well done to all USKFI members that graded under Sensei Andy Sherry and Sensei Frank Brennan today at the Corduff Karate Club. There was a very good standard on show today and we were proud to have so many successful candidates. As always we are proud to see the camaraderie between all members with each and everybody supporting one another throughout the day. Remember all being a black belt is an attitude, a state of mind, a way of life. Anyone can buy a black belt...but it takes years of learning, sweat, hard work and introspection to create one. Congratulations to all and we all look forward to seeing you progress further on your karate journey. OSS!!


USKFI 14th Shotokan Cup by ecoates


USKFI Silverware

USKFI Referees & Judges

Best female competitor Leeanne Royle

Best male competitor Sean O Connor

The USKFI Shotokan Cup was held at the Phibblestown Dojo and what a superb event it was. The competition which is in its 14th year had over one hundred and fifty Karateka competing on the day. There was a fantastic standard seen throughout the day from each event with many stand out performers on show. Click title for full event details....

USKFI Senior Dan Grade Success by ecoates


(USKFI Senior instructor's pictured with KUGB grading panel)

(Sensei Keith Sherlock & Sensei Pat Keegan)

(Sensei Jim Bartley & Sensei Rhonda Hoban)


A contingent of USKFI senior members travelled to Bath, UK at the beginning of October to take part in the KUGB's Special Dan Grade Course. It takes alot of dedication to make so many trips abroad throughout the year but our senior members make sure to lead by example and ensure they are always training hard to keep the USKFI at a very high standard. After a very detailed two hour session under the expert tuition of the KUGB’s chief instructor Sensei Andy Sherry we had four of our members to take senior Dan grade examinations. Well done to USKFI members Keith Sherlock and Sensei Pat Keegan who attained their 5th Dans whilst Sensei Jim Bartley and Sensei Rhonda Balfe attained their 4th Dan. All members passed their grading with a very high standard. After months and months of rigorous training each member passed with flying colours. We are very proud and honoured to have such dedicated members in our ranks. Well done all!!

USKFI Kyu Grading September by ecoates


The USKFI continued their busy weekend on Sunday with a Kyu grading for white to green belts. The morning started out with a class for our white and orange belts where Sensei Sherlock brought our new beginners through their grading syllabus. Sensei Sherlock gave the students great pointers for their grading and they all left the class feeling confident for their grading. After a quick break it was time for the the newest USKFI recruits to show off their skills and that they did with each member passing with a very good standard. Following the junior grade it was time for the intermediate grades to be put through their paces by Sensei Royle. With close to 100 members grading at the weekend it shows the growth of the USKFI. It was also great to see so many enthusiastic members take one step closer to their black belt. Well done all and we look forward to seeing you all compete in the upcoming USKFI Shotokan Cup.

Sensei Brennan & Sensei Harford Course by ecoates



The USKFI were happy to welcome two of the KUGB's senior instructors back to Dublin at the weekend. Sensei Frank Brennan who was on his third visit of the year to the USKFI was accompanied by special guest instructor Sensei Gary Harford. Two of the most decorated and accomplished competitors to come out the KUGB shared some of their expertise with our members in a full day of training at our Corduff Dojo. 
As always our members were out in force to support the course with close to 100 of our brown & black belts in attendance. The classes were separated so each and every member got the full benefit of training with these giants of Shotokan Karate.
Well done to all our members who attended on the day and in particular to those who participated in the full days training. Keep up the good work. 

The USKFI will welcome Sensei Brennan along with Sensei Sherry for another course & grading in November. We look forward to seeing all our members participate and take the next step in their karate journey.

KUGB Shotokan Cup by ecoates


(USKFI Team Photo )

(USKFI medal winners)

The KUGB's 39th Shotokan Cup took place on Saturday at the Queens Park Leisure Centre in Chesterfield. This event which is only open to Black and Brown Belts always attracts a large entry of competitors from across the UK with this year in particular numbers being up. The USKFI had a strong squad of twelve representing Ireland on the day. Our competitors showed tremendous fighting spirit and sportsmanship and produced karate of the highest order on the day. Click title for full event report....

USKFI Brown & Black belt Course by ecoates


(Sensei Sherlock explains the importance of correct hip rotation)

(Sensei Royle watches on as squad member Leon Hoban performs kata Empi)

(Sensei Royle demonstrates kata Empi)

(Sensei Sherlock demonstrating Kata Bassai Dai)

 Although the USKFI were kept very busy throughout the summer months with many events held over the holiday period we now head into a very busy couple of months. We kickstarted another busy term off  this weekend with a Kata course for brown and black belts in our Corduff Dojo. Over seventy of our more senior grades took part in a three hour Kata Course with Sensei Sherlock and Sensei David Royle. Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle covered so much detail in each of their lessons that each member went away with a very good understanding of how to apply these techniques and details to their own Kata performances. The level of dedication from our members is clearly evident with so many devot karateka spending hours to train under the expert tuition of  Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle. The USKFI would like to thank all our members for their continuous support, we would also like to thank Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle for giving up so much of their free time to put on these events. They set a fine example for our members to follow. 


KUGB Grandslam by ecoates


Well done to USKFI members who travelled to the UK at the weekend to take part in the KUGB's Grand Slam. There are no medals to be won at the Grand Slam, only the pride of winning for our Country and the final chance to impress before the teams are selected for the ESKA, which will be held in Zurich at the end of November. The Grandslam is always a very tough competition and lets our competitors feel the pressure of European & World level competition. Our squad members perrformed very well on the day and gained some more vital experience for their international karate careers. We look forward to hearing more positive results when the squad travel to the UK in two weeks time to take part in the KUGB's Shotokan Cup. Good luck all.


USKFI Summer Kumite Course by ecoates


There was a fantastic turn out this morning for the USKFI's summer kumite course that was held in the Corduff Dojo. Considering it is holiday season there was still great support from our members as always. 
The classes were split into two sections with Sensei Royle taking the junior members that were under sixteen whilst Sensei Sherlock took the senior members. At the half way mark Senseis switched with Sensei Sherlock taking the juniors whilst Sensei Royle took the seniors.
Both Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle were in their element with their years of experience shining through showing the many aspects of kumite. 
There was a tremendous atmosphere in the Dojo with everybody putting in 100% effort. There was very positive feedback from Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle after the course and both were very impressed that regardless of age or grade everybody worked very hard and gave their all.
The USKFI would like to thank each and every member for their support today and over the years, without the continued support from our members we would not be able to hold so many free events throughout the year so once again thank you all. 
Remember all our next event is the black belt kata course that will be held on the 6th of September . Hope to see you all there. OSS!!

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