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USKFI Kumite Championships by ecoates


(Corduff SKC's Yacine Ghanem scores with jodan mawashi geri on way to final)

(Navan SKC's Leon Hoban scores with jodan gyaku tsuki)

Well done to all USKFI members who took part in the recent Kumite Championships. We saw some excellent performances on the day in particular from Corduff SKC's Yacine Ghanem finishing his matches in style scoring with jodan mawashi geri techniques. We saw Hartstown SKC's Emma Donoghue take home the girls title with some very strong displays. Another stand out performer on the day was Navan SKC's Leon Hoban, he fought superbly well in the boys kumite event dominating all his opponents to take home the title. Well done to Lucan's Dmitri Kavanagh who took home the boys 10-11yrs kumite title. Dmitry who just recently turned ten is a newcomer to the event performed very well throughout the day. Well done to all on the day, keep working hard and developing well. Squad coaches will be selecting a squad to represent the USKFI at the KUGB’s Shotokan cup later this year and watch out for members with potential in these particular events.


KUGB 49th National Championships by ecoates



(USKFI squad coaches Sensei Sherlock & Royle hold team talk before event kicks off)

(Sensei Sherry presents Leeanne Royle wit the Charles Naylor memorial Cup)

A fantastic day came to a close for USKF Ireland with some superb results for our team at the 49th KUGB National Championships. The competition which is one of the most prestigious events on the calendar attracts a massive volume of competitors from across the UK and Ireland. We had a very successful day with our members dominating one of the toughest events of the day in the children's black belt kata event. We had three members Leeanne, Mapalo and Leon all making it into the finals with Emma & James narrowly missing out on a place after some fantastic performances. Nice to come home with three of the four medals that were up for grabs!!! We also saw Sophie Farrell storming her way through the kumite rounds bagging herself a bronze medal. We saw our team kata of Leeanne, Mapalo and Leon take home a bronze medal in what was a very tough event. Leeanne also fought superbly in the girls kumite event with some clinical performances to get through to the final which she finished in a similar fashion to take home the gold.

(Leeanne Royle scores with Ushiro Geri in the eliminations)

The whole squad performed tremendously well on the day with many of our members narrowly missing out on places in the final. Some tough battles were had and lots of experience gained. Unfortunately not all made it to the podium this time around but now it's time to refocus and get ready for next competition.

(USKFI medal winners at the KUGB Nationals)

To finish off what was a tremendous day for the USKFI Ireland after a fantastic day of competing Leeanne Royle was presented with the Charles Naylor Memorial trophy by Sensei Sherry for being the most outstanding under 16yrs competitor. An award well deserved after some fine performances throughout the day in both Kata & Kumite. 

Well done to all and we look forward to the next haul of medals at the Liverpool Youth Championships in a few weeks time.

Junior Course & Squad Training by ecoates


(Sensei Royle with Phibblestown SKC's Arisha Foysal)

(Greystone SKC's Ryan Cronin showing a fantastic attitude as always)

The USKFI continued with it's series of free events this weekend with a free Kata course for our orange to purple belts. The focus of the course was how develop good fundamentals and the importance of incorporating this into the student's Kata performaces. Each member developed throughout the class and by the end of the session were performing well. A very good lesson from Sensei Sherlock as always and lots for the USKFI kyu grades to study to help them develop.

(USKFI Junior Squad)

(Lucan SKC's James Doran practicing jodan mawashi geri as Sensei Sherlock looks on)

Following on from the junior course the USKFI Junior squad were put through their paces by Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle for the final squad training session before the team fly out on Friday to compete in the KUGB National Championships in Birmingham. 

A fantastic young squad with a mixture of newcomers to our seasoned competitiors showed fantastic technical ability, spirit and attitude on the floor today. Well done all and the very best of luck to all competing.


Sensei Sherry Course & Dan Grading by ecoates



(Sensei Sherry looks on as our Dan grades perform kata Kanku Sho)

(Special Dan grade class)

(Sensei Sherry with our successful candidates)

The USKFI were happy to welcome Sensei Andy Sherry back to Dublin for our first course and Dan grading of the year. The course started with a course for Dan grades only where Sensei covered some basic fundamental drills concentrating on development of good form. Sensei also covered some kicking drills concentrating on mawashi geri, ushiro geri and ura mawashi geri techniques. Sensei finished up with Kata Kanku Sho and whether members were just learning the kata or refining everybody left with a very good understanding of this advanced Kata.

To follow the Dan grade class we had a class for only members grading. Sensei put all the Dan grade hopefuls through their paces and gave them very important pointers of what was required for their Dan grading. After a short break the Dan grade followed and we were delighted with the very positive results on the day adding thirteen new Shodans, one new Nidan and two new Sandans to the expanding USKFI. 
Well done to all!!

USKFI 15th National Championships by ecoates



(USKFI member Leeanne Royle was presented with the best female competitor of the day)

(USKFI's Chief Instructor Michael Sherlock presents Mapalo Mwenya with best male competitor)

(Leon Hoban & Mapalo battle it out in the final of the boys kumite event)

The USKFI National Championships were held over the weekend at the Phibblestown Karate Club. The tournament which is in its 15th year saw members coming from far afield to compete for the top spot on the podium. Numbers were up again from last year which shows the enthusiasm & commitment of our members. It was a very exciting action packed day for competitors and spectators alike with some superb performances throughout the day. We saw a combination of our seasoned competitors like Leeanne Royle, Leon Hoban, James Doran and Mapalo Mwenya battle it out along with some new emerging stars like Donnacadh Murray and Hannah Stewart. Although there was fierce competition between the competitors there was a great sense of camaraderie amongst everybody. From the competitors to the coaches, the referees and judges to the officials everybody supported one another throughout the day which made the day run so smoothly and be a big success. The USKFI would like to thank all our members, parents and supporters for the continuous dedication and support over the years, we look forward to seeing the competitors back on the mats for the Kumite Championships coming up in May. Well done to all!!

Click link below for more photos of the championships.

Congratulations!!! by ecoates


The USKFI are proud to welcome our newest member to our ever expanding judging panel. Sensei Nick Doyle who had recently passed the USKFI's judges exam was presented with his certificate by Sensei Sherock on the day of the National Championships. Well done Nick!

USKFI Grading Weekend by ecoates


(Sensei Sherlock keeps a watchful eye over the USKFI grading hopefuls)


The USKFI held it's first grading over the weekend in the Lucan and Phibblestoen Dojos. With such a large volume of members grading the event was split over two days. The green to brown belts were up first on Saturday in Lucan Dojo and the white to yellow belts followed on Sunday in our Phibblestown Dojo. There was fantastic attitudes and performances on display as always from the USKFI members with each member determined to impress Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle. Well done to all!!

Sensei Sherry & Sensei Brennan make their first visit for 2015 by ecoates


The USKFI were happy to welcome Sensei Sherry and Sensei Brennan back to our Corduff Dojo for the first international course of 2015. Over 100 members turned out for the course with two of the most experienced coaches in the world of Shotokan Karate. We would like to thank all members for their support, although not all members could attend all three lessons we would like to send our thanks for their continued support and the dedication our members consistently show. The atmosphere and attitude from all our members in the Dojo was once again fantastic and each and everyone are a credit to the USKFI

USKFI National Youth Championships by ecoates


(Ray Foysal & Dimitri Kavanagh take to the mats in the Ippon Kumite Final)

(Karl Rennicks scores Ippon in the eliminations)

The USKFI got the competition season off to a flying start last weekend with the National Youth Championships which were held in the Phibblestown Karate Club. Click title for full details....


USKFI Orange - Brown Belt Course by ecoates



The USKFI took up where they left off last week with another brilliant three hour course for our orange to brown belts. There was great support as always from the USKFI members with so many braving the cold and the snow to make the course. It goes to show the dedication from our members with many travelling from as far as Wicklow, Kildare, and Meath and some even as far as Cavan to attend.

The course was separated into two groups with the first session for members over sixteen years and the second session for members under sixteen years. The focus of today’s course was on building very good fundamentals and the development of technique. Each member went away with a very good understanding of what is required to help them develop their technique and form. Whether it was in for Kihon, Kumite or Kata Sensei Sherlock and Sensei Royle didn’t leave a stone unturned and that was clearly evident as the class progressed each member was able to improve in all areas.


The USKFI would like to thank all our members who attended today and we look forward to seeing all our juniors compete in next week’s event National Youth Championships. 

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5/30/2015 8:30 AM Liverpool Youth Championships
6/20/2015 9:00 AM Sensei James & Sensei Frank Brennan Course & Grading
6/27/2015 10:00 AM USKFI White-Orange Belt Grading Lucan
6/27/2015 1:30 PM USKFI Red-Yellow Belt Grading Lucan
7/4/2015 12:30 PM KUGB Youth Championships
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