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USKFI Kildare Region Course Jan 2017 by ecoates


A superb turn out for the USKFI's Kildare region seminar this weekend. We had approximately 70 dedicated karateka in attendance for a 2 hr intense technical session with the USKFI's leading instructors Sensei Michael Sherlock & Sensei David Royle. 

There was a fantastic attitude and effort from all members in attendance. 
After the seminar came to a close both Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle had very positive feedback for the students.
The USKFI would like to thank all members who supported the course and we look forward our next seminar with our friends in Kildare.


Sensei Sherlock demonstrates gyaku tsuki

Sensei Royle demonsstrates mawashi geri


Official Squad Announcement Jan 2017 by ecoates


Last weekend the USKFI held the first squad selection class of 2017. There was a fantastic turn out with many USKFI hopefuls showing up for trials. With the World and European Shotokan Karate Associations tournaments’ now opening the competitions to Karateka from 14yrs + it has created a lot of excitement among the USKFI's up and coming karate stars.

USKFI squad coaches Sensei Michael Sherlock 6th Dan and Sensei David Royle 6th Dan were on hand to put the enthusiastic aspirants through their paces. Each student on the floor tried their very best to impress the on looking expert eyes of both squad coaches. The key points Senseis look out for is ability, attitude, effort, enthusiasm, positivity and a willingness to learn & develop. One thing is for sure these candidates have all of the above in abundance. With so many eager Karateka putting their best foot forward made the atmosphere in the Corduff Dojo electric and impressive to watch.

Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle took some time to deliberate and afterwards selected a very strong squad to represent the USKFI and Ireland on the international competition circuit for 2017. Joining some of our more experienced competitors like Leeanne Royle, Sean O Connor, Yacine Ghanem and Leon Hoban we have some new recruits to welcome onto the team. From this group of athletes Senseis will select a team to represent the USKFI at international tournaments throughout the year. This is a fantastic opportunity for all candidates in particular our new fledglings who are just setting out on their international competition career. The USKFI is a self-sufficient organisation and those members who are selected to represent the USKFI are fully funded for all their trips. This includes all flights, food & accommodation, competitions fees, squad kits etc.

Congratulations to the following members & we wish them the very best of luck competing in 2017.

Dmitry Kavanagh 
 Conor Molloy
Sean O Connor
Lee Mc Carty
Sophie Farrell 
 Leeanne Royle
Lauren Royle
Nadia Nya
Amine Ghanem
Donnchadh Murray
Lisa Meagher Behan
Shay Kelly
Rachel McEneaney
Eva Thunder
Hannah Stewart
Leon Hoban
Joshua Smith
Tori Maher
Dylan Anderson
Christopher Bowes
Lucy Kennedy
Caoimhe Galligan Byrne
Alex Shortt
Malina Petrovshci
Ryan Cronin

USKFI Open Squad Selection 2017 by ecoates


USKFI hopefuls in action at the try outs

Corduff SKC's Nadia Nya attacks with Ura Mawashi as squad coach Sensei D. Royle looks on

Blacklion SKC's Dylan Anderson attacks with Ura Mawashi as squad coach Sensei M.Sherlock looks on

The USKFI held the first squad selection class of 2017 in the Corduff Karate Club yesterday. There was a fantastic response with many USKFI hopefuls turning up for the try outs. 
The atmosphere in the Corduff Dojo was almost electric with each member showcasing their skills to impress the onlooking squad coaches Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle.

Well done to everybody that participated and good luck to all. We look forward to following your international competition career over 2017 and beyond.

USKFI Special Christmas Course Dec 2016 by ecoates


USKFI members line up for action

The USKFI held a special course for our members today in the Corduff Dojo. The course was a special request from our dedicated members who were missing their training over the Christmas holidays.

The USKFI would like to thank all our members for their support and making the curse another successful event.

Final Grading of 2016 by ecoates


Sensei Royle provides feedback to the grading candidates.

Sensei Sherlock provides feedback to the grading candidates.

Congratulations to all USKFI members who graded at our final grading of the year at the Corduff Dojo earlier today. We had approx sixty members grade under the watchful eyes of USKFI grading examiners Sensei Michael Sherlock & Sensei David Royle. There was a very good standard & attitude on show from all members which was well noted by our senior instructors. Once again congratulations to all!! Keep up the good work!!
USKFI Kildare Region Course Dec 2016 by ecoates



The USKFI held the first official Kildare region seminar this weekend. With the constant growth and expansion within the USKFI and the high demand from our members Sensei David Royle and Sensei Pat Keegan travelled down to hold the first official regional seminar which was also assisted by Sensei Keith Sherlock. 
There was a fantastic response from all our members with many dedicated karateka in attendance. The effort from each of the members was very impressive with each member pushing themselves to impress the visiting senior instructors. 
The focus on the seminar was the development and perfection of technique in all aspects of Kihon, Kata & Kumite. By the end of the seminar the improvements were clearly evident when the members performed their final Kata and how in such a short space of time the significant improvements from all.
The USKFI would like to thank all members who supported the event and we look forward to many more events in the Kildare region

ESKA Chalkida Greece November 2016 by ecoates


The USKFI squad members reached the pinnacle of the competition season at the last weekend as they travel led to Chalkida, Greece to participate in the 31st European Shotokan Karate-do Championships. The competition which is the most prestigious Shotokan competition in Europe took place over 25th, 26th & 27th of November in the beautiful city of Chalkida. A small but mighty contingent of USKFI members traveled to Greece to represent Ireland at this distinguished event and they certainly put their stamp on the tournament. Click title for full report....


USKFI Team at Dublin Airport en route to ESKA

USKFI Team after training in ESKA

Leon Hoban leads the line for USKFI team in ESKA


Sensei Andy Sherry & Sensei Brennan Course & Dan Grade November 2016 by ecoates


The USKFI welcomed Sensei Sherry and Sensei Brennan back to Dublin for our final international instructor seminar and Dan grading of 2016.


Senseis covered a wide range of kihons, numerous katas including Jitte, Chinte, Jion and Enpi. For the final of the kata section each member got the chance to go through their favourite katas under the expert tuition of Sensei Sherry. To finish up a fantastic seminar the Dan grades were put through their paces with some tricky kumite drills with Sensei Brennan while the brown belts covered their Jyu Ippon Kumite with Sensei Sherry.

That brought an end to another fantastic seminar from two of the most respected karateka in the world of Shotokan Karate.

After a short break the Dan grade hopefuls will took to the floor for their Dan grading. 

Congratulations to all USKFI members who attained their Dan grades under Sensei Andy Sherry and Sensei Frank Brennan at the USKFI's final Dan grading of 2016. It takes alot of hard work and determination to achieve your grade and clearly all the hard work has paid off for each of our members with such positive results yesterday. Congratulations all.


Successful Shodans:
Stephen Bowes
Anne Bowes
Lewis Redican
Siofra O Reilly
Eva Thunder
Patrice Maher
Owen O Reilly
Hannah Stewart
Cuan O Reilly
Gavebrielle Juco 
Vincent Walsh

Successful Nidan:
Ciaran O Connor

USKFI 15th Shotokan Cup 2016 by ecoates



(Kingscourt's Eva Thunder battles it out with Corduff's Blaitnaid Murray in the final of the girl's kumite event)

The final quarter of the USKFI calendar is one of the busiest periods of the year with courses, grading and competitions coming thick and fast. This weekend it was time for the USKFI members to take to the mats for the Shotokan Cup. Click title for full report......

USKFI welcomes our newest judge by ecoates



Corduff Sports Complex was the venue for the second U.S.K.F.I. Referee & Judges Course and exam of 2016. A week ahead of the U.S.K.F.I. Shotokan Cup, the course was an excellent opportunity for officials to practice in a training environment. The course began with an overview of the rules, then took to the match area for the practical section. Joined by eleven volunteer competitors, the practical section covered Kata flagging & points systems, plus Kumite matches. Well done to all those that participated, and a special thanks to our competitors for all their help.
Finally our congratulations to Sensei Stephen Dunne who successfully passed the Judges exam on the day, and joins the group of U.S.K.F.I. qualified officials.

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3/4/2017 10:00 AM USKFI Grading Weekend Corduff
3/11/2017 10:30 AM Brown and Black belt course Corduff
3/11/2017 1:00 PM USKFI Pre Dan Course
3/18/2017 10:00 AM USKFI Refs/Judges Course + Open Squad Training
4/1/2017 9:00 AM USKFI Spring Seminar with Sensei Sherry Course and Dan Grading
(UTC 00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

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