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KUGB National YOuth Championships June 2019 by ecoates


USKFI Team Shot

USKFI medalists 

A USKFI contingent of twenty-two travelled to Chesterfield in June to compete in the KUGB National Youth Championships. The team consisted of seventeen athletes, USKFI coaches Sensei David Royle and Pat Keegan and international referees Senseis Jim Bartley and Bernard Gaffney. Finally, the team’s PR officer Eleanore Coates was there to capture the team’s superb performances on film. As with all international tournaments the USKFI fully fund all trips for the international team and have done since its inception many years ago. The 2019 USKFI international squad has a mix of experienced competitors as well as some junior competitors just starting out on their international competition career.  Regardless of the team’s experience this team of young athletes performed extremely well and represented the organisation with a high standard. Click title for full report....

USKFI June grading for white - yellow belts by ecoates

Sensei Royle leads the warm up!

Sensei Royle goes through some detail with Lauren

Sensei Sherlock gives some pointers to Amaris

Congratulations to all USKFI members who successfully passed their grading at the weeeknd under the watchful eyes of Sensei Sherlock & Sensei Royle. We had close to one hundred members from white to yellow belt progress to their next grade. It was well noted by the grading examiners the fantastic standard and attitude that was on display. Well done all!! Keep up the good work.

USKFI Summer Seminar with Sensei James & Frank Brennan by ecoates



Super weekend training @ the USKFI's Summer Seminar with legendary instructors Sensei James & Sensei Frank Brennan. So much technical detail packed into each session! Superb effort from everyone in the Dojo....well done all! Thank you all for the support. Also well done to all those who passed their grading, some very positive feedback was received from both grading examiners! keep up the good work!

USKFI Kildare Region Grading June by ecoates


Well done to all USKFI students who graded at our Kildare region grade at the weekend with Sensei Michael Sherlock. A very good standard of karate on display. Congratulations everyone!

USKFI National Championships by ecoates



As the dust settles after another successful event for the USKFI we would like to sincerely thank all our members for their positive contribution to our very successful 2019 National Championships. This year’s Nationals were without doubt a fantastic day of competition and a credit to everyone involved.  One of our busiest championships so far with 186 entries we were in for a tough day but thanks to the great team work the event ran very smoothly. 

Our match officials done a great job selecting the worthy finalists and it was super to see the wonderful competitors be provided with such an excellent competitive environment where they could showcase their skills for the onlooking audience.

Solid work from our table officials also kept things running smoothly and took us through the events with ease. A special thanks to the volunteers that set up the venue on Saturday afternoon, helping to ensure our competition start time would be met. Across the board a fantastic effort gave us a National Championships that we are very proud of.

A special thank you to the competitors who were brave enough to step onto the mats, without you guys there would be no competition so once again thank you all. 
Also thank you to the parents, instructors, coaches and club contacts for their continuous support and hard work with students. You are all very important pieces of the jigsaw. If it wasn’t for the support of such dedicated members the USKFI wouldn’t be what it is today…. a hardworking, dedicated, supportive association made by its members for its members.
USKFI Referees flying the flag in Switzerland by ecoates


May is proving to be a busy month of competitions for Senseis J. Bartley and B.Gaffney. Following on from the fantastic K.U.G.B. National Championships in Leicester, the pair made the trip to Switzerland to take part in the 46th Fujimura Cup, another fantastic championships. The refs now have their sights set on our very own U.S.K.F.I. National Championships on the 26th. Best of luck to all those taking part !

USKFI Course Portarlington May 2019 by ecoates



Well done to all members who made the journey to Portarlington yesterday for the free course with Sensei David Royle and Sensei Jennifer Prendergast. The course was structured around developing correct fundamentals and incorporating that into Kata and Kumite performance. Although a small dedicated group in attendance there was a fantastic effort and attitude from each member on the floor. Once again thank you to all members for their support and thank you to both Sensei Royle and Prendergast for taking the time to share their knowledge with our members.
Next up for the USKFI is our National Championships that will be held in the Phibblestown Karate Club next Sunday. Good luck all!
I-Karate Championships April 2019 by ecoates


Congratulations to USKFI members who participated in the 3rd I-Karate World Championships this weekend. Plenty of medals and trophies for the team and the experience of being apart of such a fantastic event. A big thank you to Brian Carroll for all his hard work organising this event and giving these athletes the platform to perform. Well done team! #karateisforeveryone

USKFI Easter Course by ecoates


Another weekend...another event! Fantastic course this morning at the Lucan Dojo with Sensei Michael Sherlock and Sensei David Royle. 
Class was split into two groups with Sensei Royle taking the USKFI squad and Sensei Sherlock taking the remainder of the brown and black belts for the first hour. Sensei Royle worked on specific competition kumite with the squad members while Sensei Sherlock went through various attacks and defenses utilizing the likes of enpis, sweeps, geris etc. After a quick break Senseis switched with Sensei Sherlock taking the squad members for Kata practice/performance and Sensei Royle taking the remainder of the class for Katas Bassai Dai & Sochin. It was a tough course but thoroughly enjoyable! Well done to all those who attended and once again thank you all for your continuous support. 
Happy Easter all, our next event will be our red - brown belt course in Portarlington on the 18.05.19. Look forward seeing you all there.
USKFI Spring Course & Dan Grading with Sensei Andy Sherry by ecoates


This weekend the USKFI welcomed legendary instructor Sensei Andy Sherry back to Dublin for our Spring Seminar and Dan grading; this is the first of two Dan grading events scheduled for 2019 for the USKFI. Sensei Andy Sherry who holds a 9th Dan in Shotokan Karate is a regular visitor to Ireland with this being his second seminar in a packed calendar of International instructors scheduled to visit the USKFI in the forthcoming year. Click link for full report....

(Sensei Sherlock, Sensei Sherry & Sensei Royle)

(Group Shot)

(Successful Dan Grade Candidates pictured with Sensei Sherry)

 Upcoming Events

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8/31/2019 9:00 AM Executive Meeting & AGM Corduff
8/31/2019 10:00 AM KUGB Shotokan Cup
9/15/2019 10:00 AM Sensei Brennan and Harford Course Phibblestown
9/20/2019 10:00 AM WSKA: Portugal
9/28/2019 10:00 AM USKFI Ref & Judges course and exam.
(UTC 00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

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